"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | PJSC UMCC spent nearly UAH 2 million for health improvement of Vilnohirsk residents

PJSC UMCC spent nearly UAH 2 million for health improvement of Vilnohirsk residents
PJSC UMCC spent nearly UAH 2 million for health improvement of Vilnohirsk residents


The administration of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, together with the primary metallurgists trade union organization, provided financing over 8 months of 2018 for the improvement of health of 90 employees of the plant at health centers and 240 children of the employees at health camps. The amount spent for health improvement over this period in 2018 almost reached UAH 2 million, which is half a million more than the company spent in the 12 months of 2017.
Fedir Klymenko, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, says health improvement of the adults is provided by two center, just as in the previous year – Irshansk Health and Recreation Center, which welcomed 66 of our employees this year, and Khorol Health Center in Myrhorod, were 24 Vilnohirsk plant's employees had an opportunity to improve their health. “Travel packages to both health centers are covered in full and there are no people today who submitted an application and were turned down,” he said.
The company has already spent nearly half a million hryvnia for health improvement of adults, but the year is not over yet and providing conditions for health improvement of adults continues.
An increasing number of Vilnohirsk residents are discovering the Irshansk Health Center. It offers a high level of service, and quality accommodation conditions, food and procedures, as well as beautiful countryside, clean forest air and a comfortable climate. Also the price is very attractive, as thanks to the company and the trade union for the employees of VMMP it is only 10% of the full price of the travel package. The rest is covered by the plant. Khorol Health Resort was also highly appreciated among holidaymakers. It also offers favorable recovery conditions for our workers. 30% is paid by the employee, and 70% – by the company.
In 2018, children’s recreation began with winter trips to Horyzont Children’s Sports and Recreation Center in the village Zapsillya, Poltava Oblast. In winter, 60 children of VMMP employees visited Horyzont. Winter holidays are special and our children are always excited to visit this sports and recreation center.
In summer, children could choose one of the two places as their holiday destination – their beloved Horyzont and the new for Vilnohirsk, but just as interesting and exciting Zmina Children's Recreation Center, which is located on the shore of the Azov Sea in Kyrylivka.
Throughout the summer 90 children improved their health in each of the centers, bringing the total to 180. Nearly UAH 1.5 million was spent on this. Nonetheless, improving children's health is very important, the company believes. The employees of the subsidiary also paid for 10% of the travel packages, while the plant covered 90%.
This year, vacation at the sea was almost 20% more expensive that last year. The conditions for the children, however, also improved a lot. Some of the children could not go to the summer camp in 2018, as the applications were submitted too late. That is why, in 2019, the applications will be accepted earlier, so that the company could avoid shortage of the travel packages, says Fedir Klymenko.
By the way, the applications for the winter camp at Horyzont CSPC are already being accepted. That is why if your children want to go there, it is better if you submit your application as early as possible.