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Working conditions must be good!
Working conditions must be good!


The company began improvement of workplaces in extremely difficult conditions – in the open pit mines. Premises for personnel were repaired and the territories of the operating open pit mines No. 7, No. 8 and No. 9 of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, were improved.
It would see that each of us has the right to proper and safe labor conditions. This right is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. That is why the management of PJSC UMCC decided to check to see how the situation was at the company's subsidiaries. And it turned out that everything wasn't as the company would like it to be.
Not all workplaces were up to the proper level. That is why Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP, received an urgent and priority task from PJSC UMCC management – to repair personnel premises, install bio toilets, and improve the territories at the open pit mines, where our people work.
We began to work. To improve everyday life of the workers and employees at the industrial sites of the plant, we use trailers – the so-called premises for personnel. They are needed so that the workers could warm up, change, eat and rest. There are also trailers for administrative and technical services. Thus, these trailers form small utility rooms.
Within a short period of time, specialists of the construction and assembly and repair and construction units of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant quickly and effectively performed a large volume of repairs at three sites of the plant: open pit mine No. 7, No. 8 and No. 9. For these purposes, the company allocated respectively UAH 127,700, UAH 45,000 and UAH 9,400. On the scale of the company, not a lot of funds were spent – nearly UAH 270,000, but the result was rather pleasing.
The repairs of the trailers included replacement of floors, laying of new linoleum, repair of the ceilings and winterization and repair of the walls, replacement of doors and windows and painting. You can see on the photos how the workplaces changed.
Workshop master Valeriy Shkurynskiy displayed good organizational skills during the repairs. The workshop's management also praised conscientious attitude of joiners Mykola Kovalyk and Volodymyr Khatsanovskiy.
The workers of the open pit mines really liked the renovations. «I've been working at the open pit mine No.8 for over seven years. I'd like to say that the conditions in the trailers were not bad before. But this year, the trailers were repaired with new linoleum and paint. And the workplace now looks like new,” thanks a thankful worker of the open pit mine No. 8 Olena.
At the open pit mine No. 9 major repairs of the trailer for the power engineers. Volodymyr Tymofiyiv, power engineer of the mine, gave positive assessment of the work: “The work was performed perfectly. The trailer for the power engineers was repaired very well. The walls were replaced and winterized; the ceiling and the flooring were also replaced. Two new doors were installed. Now, it will be a pleasure to work in our trailer.”
Now, the trailer park of the industrial site of the open pit mine No. 9 looks quite attractive. It is clean and nice inside and on the territory. You can see the esthetic taste of the workers who work here. The gem of the trailer park of the open pit mine is Ukrainian-themed flowerbed. It seems that the people here understand that a person spends nearly 10 years of their lives at work. That is why the workplace must be a living place.
Noteworthy, in order to improve the sanitary and hygienic standards, mobile bio toilets were purchased for each open pit mine at the Irshansk subsidiary and the people appreciated the changes at their workplaces. “It is nice, of course, that the management took care of the female workers of the open pit mine by installing a bio toilet,” says a worker of the open pit mine No. 8.
The attitude to work begins with the place, where the worker changes, rests or has lunch. And one should not forget about it. We hope that other subdivisions of the subsidiary will follow with this initiative.
Oleksandr Holyachenko
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