"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | New unbalanced-throw screen at the factory No. 3 of Irshansk MPP

New unbalanced-throw screen at the factory No. 3 of Irshansk MPP
New unbalanced-throw screen at the factory No. 3 of Irshansk MPP


New production equipment – unbalanced-throw screen was recently assembled at the processing factory No. 3 of the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company. This specialized technological equipment will improve labor conditions for the workers and improve performance of ore processing.
Unbalanced-throw screen is a transport production equipment that performs distribution of materials into fractions. It is built into the chain of crushing and screening equipment of the processing factory and is an integral part of the production process. The screen is required for the process of sorting rough concentrate and screening out unnecessary impurities of large fractions (pebbles, kaolin, foreign objects).
The company spent nearly UAH 400,000 for the replacement of the old equipment with the new one. What result is expected from the installation of the new unbalanced-throw screen at the processing factory No. 3? The fact is that working on old equipment was extremely time-consuming. Continuous clogging of the nets led to forced stops of the whole production chain. The production process had to be suspended five or six times per shift to remove clogging of the nets.
Now, thanks to the new, more modern unbalanced-throw screen, the number of stops will be reduced to minimum. Performance will increase by over 15%. This means that the volumes of rough concentrate processing will increase, which means that key performance indicators of the factory will improve.
In addition, the new equipment will improve labor conditions at the subdivision. Chief of the factory Oleksandr Pereteyko noted that improving labor conditions for the employees was one of the objectives of the repairs at this area of production.
“Previously, our workers had to manually smash large foreign objects with a hook or a spade, and then transfer all this into a container with a shovel. Now all the trash goes straight to the container on its own, ”says Pereteyko.
Serhiy Borovskiy, Chief Engineer of the factory, informed that reconstruction of the unit of receiving rough concentrate was performed at the production division, specifically the existing conveyer was extended and the new unbalanced-throw screen (GIL-32) was installed. It receives rough concentrate from the key divisions of the subsidiary: open-pit mine No. 7, open-pit mine No. 8, open-pit mine No. 9 and mining site of the processing factory No. 1
The principle of operation of the screen is based on vibration processes, with the help of which the source material, under the action of centrifugal force, is evenly distributed around the calibration screen and sieves through its cells. “In other words, the screen is a large production sieve, where large pieces of rock are sifted from small ones,” explains factory technologist Dmytro Tryk.
The chief of the processing factory praise the professional and well-coordinated work, and also thanked the technologist, senior master Dmytro Tryk, master Oleh Karpenko, Andriy Melnykov, Anatoliy Hiderashko, mechanics Volodymyr Kostyuchenko, Valeriy Romanchuk, power engineering specialist Anatoliy Rashko, maintenance technicians Vitaliy Dubynchuk, Serhiy Kucherov, electric and gas welder Anatoliy Vasyanovych, Viktor Antonov, electric welder Mykola Budyshevskiy, separators Stanislav Sydorchuk and Oleksandr Berezyuk for excellent performance of the assigned task.