"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC increases expenses for health improvement of its employees

UMCC increases expenses for health improvement of its employees
UMCC increases expenses for health improvement of its employees


the Company’s board nearly doubled expenses for holiday packages to the health center of IMPP, the company's subsidiary, in 2019. 1,220 employees of Vilnohirsk and Irshansk subsidiaries, their children and members of their families will be able to improve their health this year.

On January 17, the board of the company has approved the agreements on purchase and sale of holiday packages to the health center of Irshansk MPP for 2019 by VMMP and IMPP subsidiaries. This year, the expenses for this item of the budget almost doubled to UAH 11.357 million. The number of people, who will receive the package, will also increase from 966 people in 2018 to 1220 in 2019. The company undertook to cover 90% of the cost of the holiday packages so that the employees of the subsidiaries could rest and improve their health at a moderate cost.
Three-week stay at the health center under all-inclusive conditions provides a good opportunity to substantially improve your health. The visitors can enjoy a 50-m swimming pool, salt room for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, as our employees, working in open pit mines and processing factories, expose themselves to this kind of danger, mud and physical therapy treatment, phytotherapy, massage ... this is not the full list of wellness activities that allow you to improve your health. People, who spent their holiday at this center, have only good memories, because the staff of the health center does its best for people to feel welcome and cared for during their stay and treatment.
Health improvement of employees is an important component of the company's social policy, says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC. That is why the management supports increase of expenses in this area. “The work of miners, especially in open pit mines, is responsible and requires stamina and good health. We understand that it is rather costly to maintain good health for our employees. That is why the company does not spare funds both for maintenance of the health center and for health improvement of our employees. We believe it is an investment into the most valuable thing the company has – its labor resources,” says Gladushko.
Last year, the health center of Irshansk MPP subsidiary passed accreditation. It received high level of accreditation, as it has all necessary conditions for health improvement and treatment. “Workers and employees of the company’s plants can undergo full treatment, medical rehabilitation, or disease prevention course in correspondence with today’s requirements and methods of comprehensive therapy of medical rehabilitation,” says Oleksandr Prymasyuk, Medical Director of the center. He says that also veterans of the plant, spouses and children of the employees of the company can improve their health or undergo treatment at the center.
Employees share their impressions about treatment and health improvement.

Valentyna Onofriyuk, employee from Khoroshiv: “Once a year, my friends and I take vouchers for treatment at the plant’s health center. Personnel’s attitude is very good. Very nice people are working there. They explain everything very clearly and treat problems of the visitors with understanding. I have incredible impressions from the swimming pool. Just imagine this picture – it is winter and snow outside and you are inside “at a sea resort”! By the way, I learned to swim at an adult age at the swimming pool of the health center.”
Kateryna Levchenko (Zhytomyr) and Halyna Pavlyuk (Khoroshiv): We are thankful to the employees of the health center for the warmhearted attitude towards the patients. Thank you for your kindness and sincerity.”

Sisters Maria Adamovna, Valentyna Adamovna, Halyna Adamovna, Olevshchyna: “Thank you for the comfortable vacation and treatment to the staff of the health center. We are thankful to the employees of the canteen for tasty food, pastry and kindness towards us.”

Hutsalo Family, Vilnohirsk: “I came to Irshansk with my husband for holiday. We are very satisfied. Welcoming personnel creates comfortable atmosphere. The treatments are performed on modern equipment. We liked the food. And it was always clean in our room. The territory of the center is very nice and it is good to breathe fresh air of a pine forest. Thank you all employees of the center for care and patience!”
Background info
In 2018, 815 people, including 107 children and 59 veterans (pensioner) of Irshansk MPP, improved their health at the health center. The total amount of expenses was UAH 5,854,611. Also, 92 people from Vilnohirsk MMP, including 19 children, improved their health there for the total amount of UAH 494,030.
In 2019, the company plans to provide treatment and health improvement to 1,200 people, including 200 children. The company will allocate much high amount for these purposes this year – UAH 11,357,036.90, including UAH 9,626,400 for holiday packages, UAH 1,604,400 for holiday packages for children, UAH 50,700 for vouchers for treatment and meals, UAH 59,791.50 for family holiday packages for spouses, UAH 15,745.40 for family vouchers for family members.