"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | Vilnohirsk is expecting the new Multotec separators

Vilnohirsk is expecting the new Multotec separators
Vilnohirsk is expecting the new Multotec separators


Preparation continues for the installation of the second block of the Multotec spiral separators at the gravitation site of the processing production of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC. The foundation has already been laid for this equipment and as soon as the separators arrive at the subsidiary, their installation will begin.
The first block of Multotec separators has proven to be a great asset for the VMMP, as it helped increase extraction of concentrates and improve the quality of quartz sands. That is why the company continues to invest into further modernization of the processing production with equipment of this brand, explains Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC.
As a reminder, the first block of Multotec spiral separators was purchased by the company in December 2017. It was installed at the tailings of cone separators of the first line for additional extraction of rough concentrate, which is then directed at the following stages of refining and enrichment. In 2018, the company carried out a thorough analysis of its performance and approved a decision to install the same separator on the second line so that in the case of operation of the processing production using two lines simultaneously, all tailings went through these additional separators.
Senior master of the gravity site Oleksandr Lytvyn says there are two advantages of using these blocks of spiral separators – additional extraction of useful components and additional purification of tailings, which them go to the site of production of molding sands for production of quartz. This means that the new separators not only contribute to the increase of the level of extraction of concentrates, but also help improve the quality of quartz sands.
“At this stage, we already have the project of introduction of this block of separators,” says Oleksandr Lytvyn. “The separator has been ordered and paid for. Also, the foundation has been laid for the Multotec and after it stands we will be ready to install the new equipment.”
After thorough testing of the equipment of the African manufacturer, last year the company ordered and made a pre-payment for three more blocks of Multotec spiral separators, which will be integrated in the processing production at the gravitation, disintegration and molding sands production sites. Together with the fourth Multotec block, which is already in operation, the equipment will cost the company UAH 9.6 million, of which UAH 6.035 million has already been paid. All three blocks have been dispatched by the manufacturer to the plant and will be delivered approximately in April of this year, according to Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer at VMMP.