"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | Kickboxers defend the right to compete for the title of World and European champions!

Kickboxers defend the right to compete for the title of World and European champions!
Kickboxers defend the right to compete for the title of World and European champions!


Vilnohirsk kickboxers brought 10 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals from the ISKA Ukrainian Kickboxing Championship and WCFF Cossack Fight Championship, which were held March 14-17 in Kyiv and Sumy.
JSC United Mining and Chemical Company sponsored the participation of the athletes in the events. The fights were the selection for the World Kickboxing Championship, which will take place in November in Ireland and European Championship 2019, which will take place in Kharkiv in April.
It is now clear that the results of our athletes give them the right to compete in these major events. JSC UMCC plans to provide the winners with full sponsorship at the European and World championships. “The performance was very productive. Ordinary guys from Vilnohirsk won prizes, beating the fighters of the clubs with long history and traditions from Kyiv and Kharkiv, who are considered very serious competitors,” Mykola Biletskiy, the trainer of the Vilnohirsk athletes, comments on the victories. According to the strategy he developed, the athletes competed in almost all categories of the fights. Each Vilnohirsk fighter had to compete in 5-6 fights, which is very exhausting, but it largely increases the chances of the victory.
The strategy of Biletskiy works! Tempered by their previous experience, Vilnohirsk athletes won the champion's titles despite that they had to compete against heavier, higher and older opponents. Some fighters had to compete with well-known in the world fighters, whose names make their opponents doubt their own strength.
Denys Tolkachev brought gold medal and the title of the Ukrainian Champion in Cossack Fight to Vilnohirsk from Sumy. Yakiv Khoprov, Valeriy Khudyakova and Nazar Yevtushenko confirmed their titles of Ukrainian Champions and Anton Mykhailenko became ISKA Ukrainian Champion for the first time. Bohdan Hofman won the silver medal of the Ukrainian Kickboxing Championship. Vlad Kolosenko brought bronze medal from the Ukrainian Cossack Fight Championship.
“We needed to compete in these events to gain experience and prepare to fight for the titles of World and European champions. And we had this opportunity thanks to full support of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company. We tested our strength and are now confidently preparing for the next competition,” says Mykola Biletskiy.