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New hydrocyclones installed at the factory of the open pit mine No. 8 at IMPP
New hydrocyclones installed at the factory of the open pit mine No. 8 at IMPP


The equipment will substantially increase extraction of rough concentrate and allow to produce thousands tons of the product at the stage of primary processing annually.
Battery of hydrocyclones Cavex is now operating at the processing factory of the open pit mine No. 8. It consists of five 500CVX10 hydrocyclones. Weir Minerals Europe Limited, a well-known British company, is the manufacturer of the equipment.
The hydrocyclone separates and classifies solid particles by sizes in liquid environment and separate the slurry mixture from the processing products. For separation, the centrifugal force created in the cylindrical top and conical base of the hydrocyclone is used for separation, not gravity acceleration or deposition rate.
Pavlo Vasyanovych, Chief of the Processing Service of the subsidiary, explains that compared to the old hydrocyclone GTs-1000, which was earlier used at the factory, Cavex provides for the highest efficiency of separation. For this type of hydrocyclones, the maximum throughput capacity and long life of the inner surface are typical thanks to the use of wear-resistant rubber.
The cost of the purchased equipment amount to nearly UAH 1.86 million (VAT included). Andriy Kolesnyk, chief of the repair team, claims that the construction of Cavex hydrocyclones has an original shape of the chambers. It does not have sharp edges and right angles, which ensures smooth mixing of the pulp, when it is fed, and its smooth circulation inside the chamber. This ensures laminar flow, which reduces turbulence.
Processing specialists of the subsidiary explain that the turbulence is the key reason of uneven wear of the old hydrocyclones GTs-1000. In them, the pulp is fed without flow control and the turbulence that is created in this case causes the linings to wear out. The rubber linings of the Cavex feeding chamber are 25 mm thick and work 300% longer than the usual types of hydrocyclones. This is what plays the main role in increasing the performances of the new equipment acquired by the subsidiary.
As a result, after replacement of the old equipment with the new, modern one, the repairs for its repairs will be reduced, expects Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP. Meanwhile, increase of extraction of useful elements from the titanium ore at the stage of primary processing will improve the performance indicators of the processing production of the plant.
As a reminder, in January Irshansk MPP installed a new battery of hydrocyclones manufactured by commercial production company Vitlus at the processing factory of the open pit mine No. 9. That essentially started the process of upgrading of the fixed assets of the production equipment of the Irshansk MPP.
Technologist of the open pit mine No. 8 Vasyl Biloshytskiy informed that the installation of the equipment was performed by the workers of the construction and assembly and repair and assembly unit of the Irshansk subsidiary. “The work was carried out well and on time,” said Biloshytskiy.
Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC, reminded that according to the company's plans, the factories of the open pit mines No. 8 and No. 9 are now being upgraded and reconstructed, as they will be processing the ore from the new sites, which the subsidiary received for development.
Installation of hydrocyclones at the factories is the first stage of upgrading the fixed assets of the production equipment. The second stage involves installation of the new spiral separators of the Australian manufacturer Minerals Technologies at the factory of the open pit mine No. 9. The equipment will arrive to the subsidiary approximately in June 2019. The manufacturer already dispatched it to Irshansk.