"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | A projector for the artists – UMCC congratulated Irshansk School of Arts on the anniversary

A projector for the artists – UMCC congratulated Irshansk School of Arts on the anniversary
A projector for the artists – UMCC congratulated Irshansk School of Arts on the anniversary


On May 17, Irshansk School of Arts marked its 50th anniversary. The celebration took place at the concert hall of the Titan Culture and Sport Palace of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company. JSC UMCC gifted the school with an EPSON multimedia projector on the occasion of the anniversary.
The group of the Irshansk School of Arts accompanies all celebrations and holidays in the town: religious, state and the professional holiday of metallurgists and miners, sharing with the people good mood and high spirits. For many years, the place has been a center of arts. Children of the employees of IMPP and Irshansk community come hear to learn to sing and dance. That is why the school plays a tremendous role in the life and leisure of Irshansk residents. One could say that IMPP has been going together with Irshansk School of Arts hand in hand for years, providing Irshansk residents with work and entertainment. It has been so since the time the school opened its doors for the first time.
The management of JSC UMCC and its subsidiary IMPP showed high respect for this important date and attended the event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the school. Serhiy Hdanskiy, Deputy Director of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, congratulated the school with nice and heartfelt words and gifted EPSON project to the Irshansk School of Arts on behalf of the company.
As a reminder, this is not the first technical device JSC UMCC has given to the Irshansk learning institutions. On the occasion of the first bell, the local school also received from the company a modern multimedia projector ACER P 1250.
Irshansk School of Arts has raised artists who are known both in Ukraine and abroad. Serhiy Okhrymchuk is one of the students. His performance at the concert was a real gem. Serhiy is a popular multi-style virtuoso violinist. He can easily perform folklore, jazz, rock and avant-garde. He works with Oleh Skrypka, Okean Elzy and other popular performers and bands. At the moment, he is a member of popular Chorea Kozacky. Serhiy Okhrymchuk is a graduate of Zhytomyr V. Kosenko Music School, Kyiv Music Conservatory. He comes for the family of Irshansk miners. His father Mykhailo Fylypovych worked as a chief mechanic at the IMPP and his mother Halyna Fedorivna – civil engineer at the IMPP.
The anniversary concert that evening was held in high gear. It was filled with diverse, interesting acts from talented teachers and gifted students.
The history of the school of arts started in 1969. At that time, there were only 20 students there, learning to play piano and accordion. Today, there are around 500 students and 22 teachers at the Irshansk School of Arts.