"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | How the titan was born: IMPP opens a historical gallery on the professional holiday

How the titan was born: IMPP opens a historical gallery on the professional holiday
How the titan was born: IMPP opens a historical gallery on the professional holiday


This year, the Day of Metallurgical and Mining Industry Workers, July 19, began at the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, with a remarkable event – opening of the historical stands about the history of the plant. The event gathered many grateful veterans and residents of the town.
The 12 stands of the gallery represent the whole history of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant and the town of Irshansk. From the establishment to this day, in events and names, so that the future generations see and can be proud – that was the goal of the company’s management, when the gallery was prepared for the professional holiday by joint efforts of the employees of the Irshansk subsidiary and the local community.
Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP, expressed gratitude to JSC UMCC, organizers and executors of this work and called on the veterans, employees of the plant, and residents of the town to get involved in gathering documents, testimonies, certificates, and objects for creation of an entire museum of IMPP history. As a reminder, IMPP celebrated its 65th anniversary this year.
The main celebrations took place at the Titan Culture and Sports Palace, where the employees of Irshansk MPP subsidiary were congratulated, and awarded decorations and commendations from the top leadership of the country, company’s management, administration of the subsidiary and honorary guests.
Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP, congratulated his staff, thanked JSC UMMC for support in the difficult time for the subsidiary and expressed hope that the crisis period at the plant has passed. As a reminder, this year the subsidiary obtained a license for development of 154 ha of new land and is carrying out reconstruction of the existing processing capacities at the expense of the company’s investment.
Viktor Sivchenko together with Mykola Volokhov, Chair of the Trade Union, rewarded 23 veterans of the production of the subsidiary with bonuses from the company, who have continuous record of over 20 years at the plant, and also awarded commendations to the most industrious employees on behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Tetyana Kyselyova, Deputy Chair of the Board of JSC UMCC, addressed Irshansk miners on behalf of the JSC United Mining and Chemical Company. She wished the employees of the subsidiary peace, strong health, happiness, strength, new achievements and awarded commendations from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and certificates of merit from the head office of the company with a bonus from the top management.
After the official part and the concert by amateurs from Irshansk School of Arts, the audience had the pleasure to enjoy performance of the Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik on the open stage in front of the Culture and Sports Palace.
Sporting events on the following day at the stadium of IMPP became a true gem of the celebration. As a sign of gratitude for the good and exciting game, the teams received certificates of merits and money rewards from the main sponsor, United Mining and Chemical Company. Family competitions “Mom, dad and I are a sporty family” took place with positive emotions and real drive.
We wish all employees, and veterans of the plant to celebrate the Day of Metallurgical and Mining Industry Workers with new personal and labor achievements. We wish everyone good mood and pride for the plant and for the independent and prospering Ukraine!