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JSC UMCC acquires new batchers for VMMP subsidiary
JSC UMCC acquires new batchers for VMMP subsidiary


The new equipment will load concentrates twice faster, which will speed up the process of their dispatch to the consumers and reduce costs for diesel fuel
Up until now, the finished products were loaded into railway cars in bulk manually. This method had a large margin of error, as the cars were often returned for additional batching. That is why, the locomotive had to travel more times and the loading process itself took around two hours, causing idle time of the railway cars, tell the employees of the concentrate loading unit at Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company.
To resolve this issue that resulted in economic losses, the management of VMMP approached manufacturers of corresponding equipment with the objective to develop a project. The supply of two batchers for loading ilmenite concentrate was performed by the domestic company SWEDA. The cost of the equipment amounted to nearly UAH 600,000.
“The new batchers substantially simplify loading into the railway cars thanks to automation of the process and minimum margin of error,” tells Roman Haifer, finished products loading master at the processing production of VMMP. He pointed that now the number of maneuvers of railway transport during loading of ilmenite was substantially reduced, as was the time and fuel consumption during the loading process.   
Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer at VMMP, believes the calculations will be made for the pilot project on installation of two bunker batchers during loading of the main products. If the expected economic effect is achieved, it will continue at the section of concentrate loading at the processing production. “We are currently carrying out full survey of how effective introduction of such devices for loading in our specific conditions of ilmenite concentrate is. In the future, if these batchers prove effective, we are planning to purchase four more of such devices to fully cover loading of bulk ilmenite concentrate under parabolic bunkers of processing production.”
Chief engineer of the subsidiary expects that the new equipment will reduce the loading time of railway cars for bulk products by nearly two times. This, in turn, will reduce idle time of cars and loading costs. As a reminder, VMMP has the capacities for production of around 180,000 t of ilmenite concentrate a year. This is the plant’s main product.
Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC, believes that the projects that improve the performance of different divisions by stages have a quick and tangible economic impact at relatively small costs. “For us, the projects similar to our partnership with SWEDA are a quick return of investment and by-stage automation of key production processes,” comments the head of the company.