"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC purchases new hydrocyclones for the processing unit of VMMP

UMCC purchases new hydrocyclones for the processing unit of VMMP
UMCC purchases new hydrocyclones for the processing unit of VMMP


The equipment will help save energy costs and the area under the tailing dumps at the processing production of the subsidiary
Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, is confidently implementing innovative projects that improve technological processes at the production. This time, within the framework of partnership with the South-African company Multotec, JSC UMCC acquired new equipment – six special tailings hydrocyclones and one stacker cyclone. These new units will help the subsidiary improve the stacking of tailings of the production and sands of BC-30 grade, which will have a positive economic effect for the subsidiary. The need for such equipment arose because of the lack of space for storage of processing products, say Vilnohirsk specialists.
This is absolutely new equipment for VMMP.
The technology involves dehydration and denser stacking of processed ore. Now, the tailings dumpts at the Vilnohirsk subsidiary are filled through direct bulkhead, which leads to the use of large areas for this purpose and, as a result, some capacities are already overloaded. To prevent overfilling of the tailing dumps, the management of the company decided to develop a project for stacking high-density tailings. To implement this project, the company purchased special equipment – Multotec hydrocyclones, which have already been delivered to the processing production of the subsdiary. Their installation is underway.
“The hydrocyclones were specially designed for our plant by Multotec; then they went through a number of tests at this company in the South African Republic,” tells Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of VMMP. “As of today, we are in active phase of the project implementation – assembly of the six tailings hydrocyclones at the gravitation section of the processing production.”
Stacker cyclone is the other equipment that arrived at VMMP. According to the chief engineer of the subsidiary, it is a prototype designed for high-intensity dehydration of the product. The unit will be installed at the formation sands receiving section, as its task will be to stack finished products – glass sands of the BC-30 grade – without the use of a vacuum system. The management expects the result from the implementation of this project in the form of reducing the cost of production and increasing the profitability of production of sand of this grade.
“ A stacker cyclone is a non-standard hydrocyclone that allows to thicken up the product to 15% humidity, which satisfies the specifications that are provided for this type of product,” says Oleksiy Ryabinin, explaining the principle of operation of the equipment. He noted that the economy in this project will be significant, since the cost of repair and energy to maintain the vacuum system is several times higher than the cost of operating the stacker cyclone. The investment in the project amounts to approximately EUR 130,000.