"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | Vilnohirsk kickboxers win championships in Poland and Ireland

Vilnohirsk kickboxers win championships in Poland and Ireland
Vilnohirsk kickboxers win championships in Poland and Ireland


Vilnohirsk kickboxers brought home champions titles from WKA World Championships in Swidnica, Poland and Cork, Ireland. They will also be awarded the titles of candidates for master of sports in the new version – WKA.
The athletes from Vilnohirsk – Valeriya Khudyakov, Nazar Yevtushenko and Yakiv Khoprov together with their trainer Mykola Biletskiy have reached a new level of trials – the European one.
For the first time in their athletic career, with support of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company, they competed in the world championships of different versions, which took place in the European cities: Swidnica, Poland and Cork, Ireland, where they celebrated victories, adding to their medal count 15 gold, 3 silver and one bronze medals.
At the event in Swidnica, on October 9-13, Yakiv Khoprov won four gold medals, Nazar Yevtushenko claimed another four gold medals, while Valeriya Khudyakova won two gold and two silver medals. The young champion, Khudyakova, had to compete with older and much more experienced opponents, but she once again proved that it doesn’t stop her. Yakiv Khoprov sustained a serious injury, but did not give up – fought in two more fights proving to be an undisputed champion and claiming another two gold medals. “Our athletes became favorites of the championships in Poland, the audience chanted “Ukraine!” and those fans were not only Ukrainians, but also Italians, Russians, Poles,” recollects trainer Mykola Biletskiy.
The Polish ring became a sort of a trampoline and a trial before the competition in Cork, Ireland, which gathered fighters from 32 countries. The fights were fierce and the level of competitors very high, the Ukrainian athletes recollect. This did not scare our fighters. Nazar Yevtushenko beat his own achievement in Poland and brought Ukraine five gold medals. The injury sustained in Swidnica prevented Yakiv Khoprov from showing his best result, which he certainly expected. Nonetheless, he continued to compete, earning a silver and bronze medal. “The silver medal fight was high best fight on the verge of possibilities,” commented the trainer.
The results of the championships in Europe significantly raised the level of Vilnohirsk fighters, added experience and, most importantly, confidence in their strength and skills! We congratulate the athletes and wish them victories in the future!