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Gas filling station gets refurbished
Gas filling station gets refurbished


Complete overhaul of the operators building of the gas filling station at Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC has been finished recently. The refurbishment of the facility was carried out by the construction and assembly and repair and construction unit (CA and RC unit) of the plant with financing from JSC UMCC. The station now has the appearance of a European-type building.
Comfortable conditions for the employees of the station and for servicing of the drivers have been created. The building of the station has been refurbished both inside and from the outside. Now, it is completely different from the former, Soviet-like appearance; it looks modern. “It’s as different as day and night. The conditions of work have improved tremendously. It is warm and cozy at the station now,” says operator Natalia Rymar, who is extremely happy with the refurbishment.
Viktor Yaremchuk, Chief of the section of the CA and RC unit that oversaw the repairs, informed that in the course of the refurbishment, his unit disassembled metal grilles and frames on the winders, took down wooden partitions and doors, installed six metal-plastic windows and window sills, installed two metal and one metal-plastic doors. Also, the ceilings, walls  and roof covering were repaired. Linoleum flooring and other repair and construction work was also carried out. The general expenses for the overhaul of the operator’s building of the gas filling station amounted to nearly UAH 90,000.
As a reminder, in the end of 2018, JSC United Mining and Chemical Company launched the work on improvement of workplaces at three open pit mines of the company. There, the specialists of the CA and RC unit repaired the accommodation cabins for the workers. In the beginning of 2019, accommodation cabins were repaired at the transport and technological unit and at the processing factory No. 1. In autumn, the construction workers of the subsidiary refurbished the dance hall and choreography studio at the Titan Culture and Sport Palace.