"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | New pickup trucks to serve the repair crews of the subsidiaries

New pickup trucks to serve the repair crews of the subsidiaries
New pickup trucks to serve the repair crews of the subsidiaries


JSC UMCC purchased four more Mitsubishi vehicles for the needs of the workers involved in repairs at the open pit mines and processing production of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant and Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, the company’s subsidiaries.
   As a reminder, two vehicles of this brand have already been put to use at the mining and transportation production (MTP) in Vilnohirsk in the end of last year. Now, four more vehicles went through registration and will soon serve their purpose – deliver repair crews with equipment to the sites.  According to the company’s plan, the four vehicles will operate at VMMP and two at IMPP. The company spent UAH 4.7 million on the purchase of vehicles.
Why did the company choose Mitsubishi? The vehicles have a powerful engine, good safety and durability indicators, as well as all-terrain properties. These maneuverable and cost-efficient all-road vehicles have enough room to accommodate the repair crew and the repair equipment.
Using these pickup trucks, the subsidiaries will be able to save on the repairs (because the trucks are new) and on the costs of fuel and lubricants. As an example, the old GAZ-66, which were used for these purposes in the past, consumed 28 l of gas per 100 km. Mitsubishi L200 will consume 11.2 l of diesel fuel per 100 km. Last year, the costs for the use and repair of old trucks at VMMP amounted to UAH 145,900.
By using the new trucks, the subsidiaries will also save funds because the coefficient of their use will increase. Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC, believes the purchase of the new trucks has been timely and justified. “Investment into Mitsubishi pickup trucks will return quickly, because the performance indicators of the new vehicles are much higher than those of the old trucks. This falls entirely into the strategy of the company’s development in the competitive markets,” commented the head of the company.
Serhiy Vasylyev, Deputy Chief of the Freight and Passenger Transport Unit of the MTP of VMMP, tells that the new vehicles will replace the outdated GAZ-66 and will service the remote sites of the processing production. Mitsubishi will transport repair crews of the processing production to the tailings and hydrotransport sites.
The drivers and workers of the mining production of VMMP have already appreciated the advantages of Mitsubishi over the old vehicles. One of the new pickup trucks is servicing the mining equipment repair unit, the second – mining sites No. 1 and No. 2.
Yuriy Katrychenko, driver of Mitsubishi L200 (earlier drove UAZ): “The impressions from Mitsubishi are amazing. The vehicle is comfortable, modern, with heating. It has great maneuverability, which is important when you are working at the open pit mine. The workers that I transport also like it a lot. Besides transportation of workers, the pickup truck is also used to transport cargos, for example, just the other day I transported glass for excavators, fan, other spare parts and mechanisms.”
Pavlo Savenko, engineer on duty for the repair of mining equipment of MTP: “We are very satisfied with the new pickup truck – compared to GAZ-66, Ural, UAZ-Farmer, it’s like day and night. Pickup trucks are warm, convenient and comfortable.
Yuriy Salenko, engineer on duty for the repair of mining equipment of MTP: “It is a good, comfortable vehicle. It’s pleasant – you are driving in a dry and warm car and you feel good. Due to the specifics of our work, the working uniforms are often dirty, covered in fuel oil, and footwear – clay. And although, special canvas covers for the seats were made for Mitsubishi, sometimes it’s kind of scary to get in, not to get it dirty.”