"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC to offer Irshansk ilmenite with high titanium content

UMCC to offer Irshansk ilmenite with high titanium content
UMCC to offer Irshansk ilmenite with high titanium content


Ilmenite concentrate with TiO2 at the level of 60-63% will expand export opportunities for the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, and increase the plant'’ profit.
IMPP has produced a trial batch of ilmenite concentrate with increased content of useful substance – titanium dioxide, at the level of 61.2%. The factory of the open pit mine No. 9 carried out the experiment. The quality certificate has been obtained for the new product, informed Andriy Storchak, Acting Director of IMPP. He believes the new product will substantially expand the possibilities of the subsidiary in export markets and will help increase the subsidiary’s profit, as the ilmenite with TiO2 content higher than 60% can be used in metallurgy, in particular production of titanium sponge, slag and rolled metal.
Historically, Irshansk ilmenite concentrate, based on its composition, is designed for the production of mainly so-called chemical products, in particular it is suitable for the production of pigment, which, in turn, is consumed by the manufacturers of paints and varnishes. Traditionally, titanium dioxide, produced from ilmenite with lower content of titanium, is used by manufacturers of coatings, plastic, ceramics, paper. The pigment colors the products white. This requires raw materials with lower content of TiO2 – at the level of 53-56% and with minimum content of the so-called ‘color’ admixtures, for example chrome.
“Now, IMPP subsidiary can satisfy the needs of both chemical and metallurgical producers. The diversification that has been achieved substantially expands export opportunities for the plant,” comments Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC. Products with higher content of TiO2 are 15-20% more expensive that ilmenite that is customary for the subsidiary, which provides an opportunity to earn more in the global markets and expand the geography, he says.
         IMPP has all that requires for that – three rough concentrate factories of the operating open pit mines can produce raw materials with increased content of titanium. Mykola Vasyanovych, Chief Engineer at IMPP, says the open pit mine No. 7 can produce ilmenite concentrate with TiO2 content at 60.1%, open pit mine No. 8 – 61.1%, open pit mine No. 9 – 62.4%.
           The subsidiary has obtained the new possibility after starting development of the new areas of Mezhyrichne Deposit at the start of 2019, with its titanium ores naturally containing up to 7% of TiO2.
          In 2020, Irshansk subsidiary is planning to produce 180,000 t of ilmenite concentrate. Under condition of conclusion of corresponding contracts, ilmenite concentrate with increased titanium content can account for 50% of this output volume.