"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC provides opportunity for more children to go to Horyzont camp

UMCC provides opportunity for more children to go to Horyzont camp
UMCC provides opportunity for more children to go to Horyzont camp


This winter, the childrens camp worked longer, providing an opportunity for 90 children of the employees of VMMP subsidiary to rest and improve their health, compared to 59 last year
To work at UMCC’s subsidiaries means to vacation at the company’s expense not only for adults, but also their children. Employees of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant are well aware of this, as their children can rest and improve their health every year, in winter and summer, at Horyzont Sports and Recreation Center, located in the village of Zapsillya, Poltava Oblast.
As always, the company together with the trade union of VMMP covered 90% of the cost of the trip packages to the camp, spending the total of UAH 266,500. Last year, the company spent UAH 156,100 to ensure camp trips for the children in winter.
Thanks to additional opportunity, more girls and boys could attend Horyzont Center. The total of 89 children enjoyed the camp activities for only 10% of the cost of the package deal: they played various games, enjoyed recreational workouts, ate healthy and, most importantly, communicated with new acquaintances and old friends.
Primary organization of the trade union of VMMP subsidiary of JSC UMCC took care of all organizational issues. Children and parents were very happy and grateful to the company for the financial assistance and organization of their leisure during the winter break.
     Every year, JSC UMCC increases expenses on vacations for children in this center, because the children love it there. In 2018, the company spent UAH 1.4 million for summer and winter camps for children at Horyzont, in 2019 – UAH 2.059 million. Not only the amount of expenses, but also the number of children, enjoying their time at the camp, increases every year.