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How the workers in the mining industry enhance their skills
How the workers in the mining industry enhance their skills


UMCC spent UAH 4 million on skill enhancement of its personnel
As of today, there are over 5,000 specialists employed at JSC United Mining and Chemical Company. In the course of five years of operation, we spent nearly UAH 4 million for skill enhancement courses for our personnel. Over 15,000 employees of different qualification have improved their professional skills.
Why provide skill-enhancement training?
Thanks to new technologies and instruments of conducting business, the world is changing at a fast pace. I believe investment into training and education is just as important for development of a modern company as technical, technological or any other re-equipment and upgrade. In addition, providing skill-enhancement training helps deal with another pressing problem – labor migration.
Personnel has to keep up with the challenges of our time. That is why personnel training is of strategic importance for us. In 2020, the company will spend UAH 1.5 million on providing professional training to its employees, which is close to a half of the total amount spent for this purpose over the previous five years.
UMCC includes highly technological enterprises – Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant and Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant. Every year, the company invests hundreds of millions of hryvnia into upgrading equipment and machinery, purchasing modern products of world brands. This spurs the administration and employees to seek new ways to enhance their skills in order to able to efficiently operate new machines and equipment.
In order to keep up and enhance their professional skills, and, accordingly, their salaries and wages, the employees attend courses, skill-enhancement training and improve their qualification at the expense of the company.
Can the production become alma mater for a worker?
Absolutely. This field of training and skill enhancement for the employees is the most effective for the company for several reasons. The first one is that the program for professional training is developed by the specialists of the company and takes into account peculiarities of production. The second is that the training is carried out by the qualified experts of the subsidiary in conditions of their units. The third is that the training takes place on the job.
We provide an opportunity to study and train for each employee of VMMP and IMPP subsidiaries without exception.
Higher education as a new direction
Mainly employees of such working professions as electric gas welder, operator of special machinery, technician on duty for the repair and maintenance of equipment, enhance their skills.
VMMP is implementing The Future of the Plant project, which aims to train younger generation of specialists with higher degree, who could compete for managerial positions at the production and increase the candidate pool of engineering and technical personnel. From 2018, UMCC has provided for studying of 30 specialists at higher learning institutions within the framework of this project.