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New tailings pipe built at IMPP
New tailings pipe built at IMPP


A new tailings pipe was put into operation at the mining section of the open pit mine No. 8 at Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC. It will pump spent pulp to the workings of the open pit mine.
Development of a new land plot with the area of 12.1 ha at the open pit mine No. 8, the plant was faced with an urgent necessity to build a new tailings pipe, tells Andriy Semeniy, Chief of Open Pit Mine No. 8 of IMPP. The main purpose of the pipe is to pump tailings of the spent pulp, received from the processing factory of the open pit mine to the prepared mine’s workings with an area of 130,000 square meters and capacity of 800,000 cubic meters, he informed. The length of the pipe is 550 meters. The company spent UAH 1.3 million for its construction in order to ensure continuity of the process of stowing processed products.
Effective and reliable functioning of the mining and processing complex is possible under condition it is provided with a network of pipelines: water pipelines, pulp pipes and tailings pipes. These transport communications allow to perform key tasks at the open pit mines of the subsidiary: supply water for the operation of water monitors at the mining site, pump spent pulp to the processing factory and transport spent pulp to the tailings sites.
Oleksandr Korzun, Senior Master of Preparation of Production at IMPP subsidiary informed that the construction and assembly and repair and construction unit prepared 24-meter constructions of 530 mm pipes. The workers of his unit quickly (within one week) assembled them and connected the tailings pipe with the technological line.
At the moment, there are three tailings pipes with length of 1,280 m, 850 m and 550 m operating at the open pit mine No. 8. Together with other pipelines, they ensure reliable operation of the mining and processing complex.