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IMPP repaired Ural for ATO
IMPP repaired Ural for ATO


Volunteers of IMPP continue repairing and renewing of equipment for ATO needs. On June 27 a repaired car Ural 4320 was delivered to ATO zone, in particular to Slovyansk city. It was done thanks to efforts of transport and technological department headed by Vitaliy Andriychuk.
This transport vehicle belongs to the 95th air mobile brigade known for carrying out the longest military raid for a period of ATO at the east of Ukraine. Press service of SE “UMCC” communicated with a chief of IMPP transport and technological department Vitaliy Andriychuk.
  • How did you decide to repair a car Ural 4320?
  • Repaired equipment is first of all a guarantee of life saving and successful special operation. As condition of transport vehicles is a big problem in ATO today, I, as a volunteer, can not be outside of this problem. That’s why this charity contribution was carried out at the initiative of our department and thanks to financing provided by IMPP.
  • Which exactly repair works were made by TTD?
  • Mechanicians of our department repaired fuel part of an engine, changed automobile  tires, repaired steering and running gear. Also they changed oil and filters.
  • For what purposes will be used this vehicle?
  • This vehicle has sidehull so could be used for transportation of militaries as well as different goods and weapons.

We should help soldiers that selflessly discharge their military duty to Ukraine. Management of the 95th air mobile brigade express cordial thanks to IMPP management that is not indifferent to needs of their countrymen – defenders.