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Vilnohirsk MMP improves product packaging
Vilnohirsk MMP improves product packaging


Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant of SE UMCC has tested a new method of packaging its products for container transport shipments.
Now, when the big bags with the products are placed in a container, an additional strapping of the bags one to another and fixings in the container are used. This helps secure the bags in containers better for export supplies.
“We expect the cargo to be more stable, which is very important for long-distance shipments. We are hoping that our desire to find favor in the eyes of the customers will be appreciated and will bring positive results,” comments First Deputy General Director of SE UMCC Oleksandr Gladushko.
Additional fixing of big bags will somewhat increase the costs for the sales of the products, he says. “These, however, are necessary costs. It is important that our customers see that SE UMCC is ready to improve the delivery of the products and meet the needs of the customers.”
Improvement of the packaging is a rather timely decision in conditions of the crisis and stiffening of the competition in the titanium industry. When there is an overproduction of titanium raw materials on the market, any improvements to the delivery of the products are viewed as a competitive edge.
“The situation with the sales at our subsidiaries, VMMP and IMPP, have substantially improved in Q3 of this year. And we want our buyers to be happy to continue working with us,” says Gladushko.