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VMMP increases extraction
VMMP increases extraction


The company has increased ore mining and is modernizing the production.
Interview with VMMP Director Andriy Storchak
In August, the Southern site of the open-pit mine was put into operation. How did it influence the production in general? What’s the economic effect from it?
- We have been waiting for the full launch of the Southern site of the open-pit mine No. 7 for over a year. This is a new, technological step in the development of the open-pit mine No. 7. The more effective the mining of solid ore is, the more effective a mining company. In our case, we now have the potential to double the mining of solid ore. This means that we have strategically moved forward towards increasing the effectiveness of mining the whole ore deposit. This is a very important step for the company. We have launched TK-1 and we launched a new line, the second production line on the Southern site, which is very close to the open-pit bench and we have a very small hauling distance. In fact, it is so well located that we transport part of ore mined at the Northern site to the Southern site. And this gives us a rather high technological flexibility in terms of transportation of ore sands.
A cartridge filter for the mill was purchased for your degrading department. What possibilities does it open? How did the new filter improve the degree of purification and what is the term of cost recovery?
- The purchase of this filter is one of the stages of partial modernization of production. It is also one of the economically beneficial stages for the company. Firstly, its use allows us to reduce the losses during the degradation of zircon concentrate by over 10 times. That is why, the term of cost recovery for this project, as we calculated, is 2-3 months at the most. There is also a second, ecological effect from the purchase. The product that we earlier simply lost could be viewed as environmental pollution. Now, we don’t have that. We substantially increased the economy of this technological site and at the same time we reduced the general pollution. So, I am confident that this is the right decision. And we are not going to stop at that. The next stage is to purchase another cartridge filter, this time for the kyanite production line. And I’m convinced that it will bring the same positive economic effect.
What are your plans for the near future?
- The key task is to preserve the mining rates of the deposit, because we are now entering the stage of high coefficient of stripping that will preserve until the end of the deposit’s mining. On the north, we are going through the last clough now. The nature will not be as kind to us further. The coefficient of stripping will be over 4, which is higher than average on the deposit. That is why, our task now is to ensure the speed of mining, primarily for the motor transport, in order to mine sufficient volumes of ore and have a possibility to obtain planned volumes of concentrates.
We are also planning to build a new container S-5 in the area of the Northern site for accumulation of circulating water. We are also planning a new shift of the North line, which we last moved last year. We have to move it again, because the mine face is also moving fast. In addition, next year, we will perform purification of the clear water body Balka Bazhanarovka, which is also very important for maintaining the proper level of clear water for the zircon processing stage.
We will continue to modernize the processing production. That will be the purchase of a magnetic separator for the zircon production line, which will help us reduce the losses of zircon and receive a high economic effect. We expect that the term of cost recovery of this purchase will be 5-6 months.
We continue to purchase additional equipment and machinery. We recently started using two new UAZ vehicles for support work of SBK’s dispatcher service and we are considering additional excavation machinery. Overall, there is a lot of small work that helps maintain smooth operation of the company.