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To Hong Kong for contracts!
To Hong Kong for contracts!


SE UMCC's sales managers will conduct negotiations with possible buyers in Hong Kong November 7-11.
This is a very important event, as the results of the negotiations will determine the volumes of the company's exports, comments SE UMCC First Deputy Director General Oleksandr Gladushko.
The place for the negotiations was chosen for a reason. On these days, Hong Kong is hosting the annual TZMI Congress, the world's premier titanium and zirconium conference. Around 200 companies involved in the industry will be attending the congress. One of the sessions at the congress will be dedicated to the titanium pigment production, the main area of ilmenite use.
Among the speakers at the congress are titanium market leaders, including Iluka Resources Limited, Rio Tinto Iron&Titanium, Base Resources, Kenmare Resources, Sheffield Resources, Image Resources, Lomon Billions, TIMET, Titanium Metals Corporation, UK TMP and others.
Also titanium raw material processers the Ukrainian company hopes to successfully negotiate with will attend the congress. Exports are vital for SE UMCC as they account for over 85% of the company's sales.
“We expect the negotiations to confirm our cooperation on long-term contracts and result into an increase of shipments to companies we have been working with for some time as well as new clients. Positive results from our sales department’s work in this area will help SE UMCC plan export shipments for 2017 and secure the plants’ load for the next year,” comments Gladushko.
As a reminder, the government has planned the company's privatization for 2017. That's why the negotiations with the participants of the titanium congress in Hong Kong will allow to present SE UMCC not only to the buyers of the products, but also to potential investors. There is no better place for such presentation.
The annual titanium congress held by TZMI in China will be taking place for the 10th time. The place for the congress is symbolic, as Chinas is the largest processor of titanium raw materials in the world. In 2015, China's share in zirconium processing reached 46%, ilmenite – 34%.