"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | SE UMCC increases output in Jan.-Sept. 2016

SE UMCC increases output in Jan.-Sept. 2016
SE UMCC increases output in Jan.-Sept. 2016


SE United Mining and Chemical Company has slightly increased the output of its key products and substantially increased the output of its additional products, according to SE UMCC First Deputy Director General Oleksandr Gladushko.
Specifically, the output of ilmenite concentrate increased over 9 months of 2016 by 11% to 220,000 t, rutile concentrate – by 3.9% to 39,400 t and zirconium – by 6.8% to 20,800 t. “The capacities of the plants allow us to produce much larger volumes, but the crisis on the titanium ore market is holding us back,” explains Gladushko. Global titanium raw materials output still exceeds the demand, according to him. For this reason, 125,000 t of products still remained at the company’s warehouses as of November 1.
The trends are quite different in the area of consumption of kyanite-sillimanite and staurolite concentrates as well as powder concentrates used by metallurgists, cement companies and refractories, says Gladushko.
Over the specified period, the demad for these products increased. This allowed Vilnohirsk MMP to more than double the staurolite concentrate output compared to Jan. – Sept. 2015 – to 14,500 t, and to nearly double the kyanite-sillimanite concentrate output to 6,300 t.
Taking into accoun the demand for secondary products, the company decided to keep up with the global trends and upgrade its powder production in order to increase the output of these products and improve the ecology of the production, as the company earlier reported in one of its news releases.
“We are still expecting the situation with the consumption of the company’s key products – ilmenite, rutile and zirconium – to improve, as SE UMCC has the largest, and in case with rutile and zirconium unique production capacities in Ukraine. At the moment, the client need secondary concentrates more than our key products; so we adjust to the situation and increase the share of sales of the secondary concentrates,” says Gladushko.
As a reminder, in August 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine put SE UMCC on the list of the companies subject to privatization in 2017. At the moment, the company is completing corporatization process and next year will be transferred into management of the State Property Fund for its further sale.