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Processing specialists congratulated on the anniversary
Processing specialists congratulated on the anniversary


On Friday, December 16, the Big Hall of Culture and Sport Palace hosted an event on the occasion of 55th anniversary of processing subdivision of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant (PJSC UMCC). Representatives of the UMCC’s board, senior managers and employees of many subdivisions of the plant arrived to the palace to congratulate the employees and veterans of the processing subdivision.
The festivities began with a large-scale choreographic act Pearl of Ukraine performed by the classic dance group Perlynka. Hosts of the event spoke about the history of the processing subdivision and gave the floor to the Head of Processing Production Pavlo Fedyushyn, who in a friendly manner and with humor congratulated the employees and awarded the veterans of the subdivision notes of acknowledgement and presents.
UMCC First Deputy Director General Oleksandr Gladushko heartily congratulated the specialists of the subdivision on the anniversary. In his address, he compared the processing subdivision with the heart that works and lives, manufactures products that are indicators of the production’s health and also wished the employees happiness, success and all the best. For long and dedicated labor, high professional level and on the occasion of the 55th anniversary, UMCC board awarded UAH 1,000 bonuses to 40 employees of the processing subdivision in December.
VMMP Director Andriy Storchak congratulated the employees on the occasion, noting that the processing subdivision is not only the most technology-intense subdivision of the plant, but also the most complex production in the country and, most importantly, most environmentally-friendly. He wished the employees “health, happiness in their personal lives, safe work and growth of their earnings and well-being.”
Chairman of the Trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine Fedir Klymenko joined the congratulations and awarded certificates and bonuses to the trade union activists of the processing subdivision.  Head of Mining and Transport Subdivision Andriy Shulhan and Chief of the Central Plant Laboratory Ihor Mazniy also joined in on the congratulations.
The official part was followed by amazing performances of artists: Perlynka and Radist groups and performers of the Metalurh Culture and Sport Palace: Anton Hvozdyk, Ivan Pedosenko, Hennadiy Khrypachov, Yuriy Kharchenko, Kateryna Ivashyna, Viktoriya Osypova, Ivan Posunko, Kateryna Drozd, Volodymyr Sydorov, Serhiy and Mark Melnykov.