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IMPP substantially reduced product remains at the warehouses
IMPP substantially reduced product remains at the warehouses


Director of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant Viktor Sivchenko speaks about the plant’s achievements in 2016 and the prospects for 2017
  • Was last year successful for Irshansk MPP?
  • Thanks to the hard work of the sales department of PJSC UMCC in 2016, the biggest problem that blocked the operation of our company in 2015 was resolved – the volumes of products that remained at the warehouses were substantially reduced. It is hard to imagine now that at the beginning of 2016 we had nearly 119,000 t of rough concentrates and 50,000 t of market products remaining at the warehouses. This considerably worsened the overall economy of IMPP, as the plant ended 2015 with UAH 114 mn in losses. In 2016, the situation improved considerably, which is why as of January 1, 2017, the remains of rough concentrates were twice lower – 96,130 t and the volume market products at the warehouses were reduced by 15 times to 3,300 t. We can now say that the products of IMPP no longer go straight to the warehouse and remain there.
  • What are the plans of the company for 2017?
  •  We have a clear plan of shipments for the first quarter of the year – around 80,000 t of ilmenite concentrate for export, which has been confirmed by our contracts. These are serious volumes that should give a push to our production – we expect it to increase, as the stocks at the warehouses have been emptied.
I am convinced that the company will continue to be export-oriented this year. We achieved this last year thanks to our managing company. At the moment, only some 38% of our products are supplied to the local market instead of 100% as it was before.
           In order to continue to show positive dynamics in production and sales, we need to strengthen the material and technical base of IMPP. The plant needs technical machinery and transport vehicles. Allocation of new land for development of new deposits is also a pressing issue. So we will be working mainly on these issues in 2017.