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Kazakhstan to launch TiO2 production
Kazakhstan to launch TiO2 production


Competition on the titanium market stiffens as the new projects open. A third pigment producer is to appear in the CIS
Tenir-Logistic LLC, Kazakhstan, is planning to launch titanium dioxide production in the country. The raw materials will be supplied from the titanium magnetite Tymlay field in Jambyl region in the south of the country.
Tenir-Logistic has been studying the field since 2006, but its development was postponed several times due to the lack of investments – Tymlay project launch is estimated at US $700 mn. At the moment, the issue of financing has almost been settled. Chinese investors, China Machinery Engineering and China Metallurgical Group confirmed their readiness to finance the project in June, signing a memorandum of mutual understanding with Jambyl region authorities.
Under conditions of the memorandum of mutual understanding, Chinese investors will finance nearly all expenses for construction of the Tymlay project, while the local government will assist in development of the infrastructure, provision of tax privileges for the production, when the work begins. Confirmed reserves of mineral resources of Tymlay field are estimated at 500 mn mt, consisting mainly from titanium magnetite and ilmenite with average TiO2 content at 5.54%. It is planned that the plant will produce 45,000 mt  of titanium dioxide per year, 10,000 mt of silicon dioxide, 650,000 mt of vanadium oxide and 190,000 mt of special steel per year.
Tenir-Logistic LLC claim the proejct will allow Kazakhstan to become not only a self-sufficient country in terms of titanium dioxide supply, but also a part of the products will be exported.