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Facts of “UMCC’s case” falsification made public
Facts of “UMCC’s case” falsification made public


Facts of case falsification were made public during the court hearing on applying a measure of restraint to detained managers of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, owned by the state. The case was reviewed by a judge, loyal to NABU, who committed a number of major violations. Furthermore, a man who looked like 1st Deputy Director of NABU Gizo Uglava was seen in the courtroom. Just as in case with Odesa Port Plant, NABU and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO) are knocking down the value of strategic enterprises and scare away foreign investors on the eve of privatization, according to attorney Ihor Cherezov. “The events unfolded by the typical for NABU and SAPO scheme: first was a post in Facebook – “malicious embezzler of public funds detained”. Then, in an hour or an hour and a half (!) followed the procedure of detainment of UMCC managers,” said the attorney. The number of violations during the consideration of the motion on choosing the measure of restraint was huge, he said. “If SAPO asked to shoot the detainees in the courtroom, the judge of Solomenskiy District Court Bobronvikov not only would have satisfied such motion, but would have also executed it himself. The same way, as another judge Makukha, also loyal to NABU, delivered any ruling for NABU, until he was fired for violating the oath.”
“It was clear for all, including the prosecutors, that the task to destroy a profitable state-owned company of Ukraine is being carried out by the SAPO, as always, at a very low level. It was shameful to listen to the addresses of highly paid prosecutors of SAPO, who decided they could right anything that comes to their minds in the motion for arrest of the detainees. For instance, acting Chairman of the Board of UMCC Ruslan Zhurylo turned out to be married again to the same woman that he’s been divorced with for over five years. Moreover, it turned out that the ‘newlyweds’ allegedly had an apartment in the U.S., which is clearly a courtesy of SAPO,” said Cherezov.
“As for the former deputy chairman for commercial issues Yuriy Pertsev (who has NOT been employed at the company since last September), the falsification of the case was even more impudent. SAPO prosecutors claimed that he has an apartment in Zurich, while there is an office center at the address they claimed the apartment was located. All other ‘evidence’ were similar to that, with around a third of them in three foreign languages, without translation. Meanwhile, the judge was considering them all. He must be a polyglot. Or, maybe, the man that looked like Uglava, who was seen in court of Friday, translated everything for him. In fact, Uglava personally arrived to court in the evening and spoke with somebody unofficially. As a result, the judge, who pretended he reviewed the ‘evidence’ for two days, obediently satisfied SAPO’s motion on the restraint measure – arrest or astronomical bail,” said the attorney.
“I was involved in a similar procedure on detaining top managers of Odesa Port Plant, which is why one of the UMCC managers came to me. And I can say that in carrying out the order to knock down the price of strategic enterprises that are being put up for privatization, NABU and SAPO act very similarly and very unprofessionally. They, do, however, aim at their own promotion,” said Cherezov. “First come the loud statements, huge amounts of alleged losses are named. Then, a loyal judge delivers all the rulings NABU and SAPO needs. Nobody cares about evident falsification and absence of facts. On the contrary, NABU and SAPO additionally order fake inspections. After that, in another court, all this ‘evidence’ is crushed by the defense completely,” emphasized the attorney.
He reminded that the ‘titanium plants of UMCC’ returned under control of the state in 2014 from a well-known billionaire, who rented them and who said: “UMCC’s operation will end in July 2015 with an announcement of bankruptcy”. However, the team of managers that came managed to do the impossible in two years. The company that employs 6,000 people did not go bankrupt. In fact, in 2015-2016, UMCC paid UAH 1.7 bn taxes to the budget and is among the top 10 taxpayers of Ukraine. Or was, until the powerful PR campaign on detainment of UMCC’s top managers. As in the case with OPP, this is done specifically before the privatization to knock down the company value and scare away foreign investors.