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PJSC UMCC to increase expenses for health improvement of its employees
PJSC UMCC to increase expenses for health improvement of its employees


Company’s staff is key internal potential of any enterprise that helps achieve significant results. Therefore, a complex of social programs has been developed in the PJSC UMCC to preserve the labor resource.
Preserving health of the employees is one of the priority areas of the company’s social policy. PJSC UMCC promotes healthy lifestyle and will reward its employees in 2017 in this regard. The company also plans to double the expenses for health improvement to UAH 7.6 mn to keep its employees healthy.
The administration of the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant together with the trade union committee is carrying out a purposeful systematic work in terms of organization of summer vacations for the workers and their children. This year, the workers have an opportunity to improve their health at discounted health resort packages, and children - in summer recreational camps. VMMP increased expenses for health improvement of its employees to UAH 1.9 mn, compared to UAH 760,000 spent 2016.
In 2017, the children’s health improvement of the VMMP branch will be carried out in two places: the children's health-improvement center Horyzont (Zapselya, Poltava Oblast) and the Azov Sea coast at the children’s recreational camp Salut (Prymorsk, Zaporizhzhia Oblast).
“Back in February, 10% of the cost of the travel packages was paid for, so that our children could become healthier during the warm period - in the second, third and fourth shifts at the Horyzont camp,” says Fedir Klymenko, Chairman of the trade union of VMMP. The preliminary cost of the package per person was UAH 280 per day. 90 children of the branch’s workers will go to Horyzont, and just as many of our children will go to the seaside camp Salut. There will be two dates of the start of stay in this camp, the first one is on June 18. The cost of the travel packages at Salut is UAH 290 per day. The employees of our company will pay 10% of the cost and the rest will be compensated by PJSC UMCC,” - says Klymenko.
In 2017, the company plans to spend about UAH 900,000 on children’s health improvement in summer. In addition to the summer holidays, the children will also be sent to Horyzont for the winter break. In the winter, another 60 children of workers of Vilnohirsk plant will improve their health.
In 2017, the treatment and health improvement season at the VMMP branch began with a new destination for recovery and treatment at Khorol Health Spa in Myrhorod. This health center provides almost the entire range of services for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, both in adults and in children accompanied by parents. The center also provides good treatment of diabetes, pathologies of the endocrine system, respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases, diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular systems and gynecological diseases. The company spent UAH 66,225 in Q1 and UAH 72,576 in Q2 for health improvement of the branch’s employees.
Beginning in February, the employees of the VMMP branch improve their health and undergo courses of treatment at the Irshansk Health Spa of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, which is already well known to the workers of the plant and has received many positive reviews.
Also, recreation resorts of VMMP located in picturesque, ecologically clean forest zones on the banks of the Dnipro River with conditions for family vacationing are also very popular among the company’s workers.
Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant is just as responsible in terms of health of their employees and children of workers. Over the past year, 98 children of the branch’s employees were rehabilitated on at Irshansk Health Spa and at Horyzont for the total amount of UAH 367,000.
Workers, members of their families and pensioners of IMPP improved their health and received treatment at the plant’s health center. The company spent UAH 4.2 mn for this. In 2017, the branch plans to provide a possibility for health improvement to 1,000 employees (this is more than half the staff) and their families. For these purposes, the company will spend UAH 5.7 mn. “In 2016, 954 employees of PJSC UMCC improved their health at the health center, of which 225 are children,” says Chief Doctor of Irshansk Health Spa Oleksandr Prymasyuk. “339 people that were not related to the company improved their health here. So far, in 2017, 437 employees of IMPP visited the spa, of which 41 are children, plus 131 people not related to the company. At the moment, the rooms on the first floor of the spa with a total number of 26 beds are being renovated, which is why the number of people is lower.
“The advantage of our health center is provision of the possibility to undergo treatment, rehabilitation and disease prevention without interruption. The treatment plan and schedule are adjusted both to the schedule of the IMPP and to visits by third party persons,” says Prymasyuk.
Among the treatments and procedures that the health center provides are the rehabilitation and improvement treatment of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, immune systems, musculoskeletal system and skin diseases. Treatment at the health center is carried out using modern methods and means of ultrasound, ultra-high frequency electric field, ultraviolet radiation, electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, electrolight therapy, amplipulse therapy (electromassage), darsonvalization, pressotherapy, hyperbaric oxygenation (local negative pressure chamber), nebulizer inhalation.
Here, oxygen cocktails, phytotherapy, ozocerite, speleotherapy, hirudotherapy and mud treatment of Lake Sivash are used. Department of hydrotherapy performs mineral-oxygen, iodine-bromine, hydrogen sulphide, turpentine and pearl baths, Circular, ascending shower and jet douche, hydromassage, and manual massage. For treatment of patients with osteochondrosis, which in recent years has been labeled the ‘disease of the century’, the fractional methods of underwater spinal traction are successfully used at the health resort. There are also gynecological and dental offices at the health spa.
Training camps of sports teams from all over Ukraine, including volleyball, basketball, futsal, track and field athletics and martial arts, swimming, etc., are held at the health center. Irshansk Health Spa has unlimited internet access via a wifi network.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the health center is popular and, as a rule, more than 1,500 people undergo treatment and improve their health in Irshansk annually.
By Valentyna Samofal