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High-spirited holiday of miners and metallurgists
High-spirited holiday of miners and metallurgists


On Friday, July 14, the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant celebrated its professional holiday - the Day of Metallurgical and Mining Industry Workers.
The celebration began with a traditional procession along the central street of Vilnohirsk. There were veterans of production and young workers, laureates of the youth prize and the best workers, the administration of the enterprise and the trade union in the festive demonstration. Near the Palace of Culture and Sports Metalurh, the participants of the solemn procession were greeted with traditional bread and salt.
Solemn ceremony that took place at the PCS Metalurh opened with a colorful choreographic composition.
After the performance of the national anthem of Ukraine, the director of the VMMP branch of PJSC UMCC Andriy Storchak was invited to the stage. He sincerely congratulated the workers of the plant and the guests of the event, noting that VMMP is celebrating the holiday with many achievements. He noted that over the past year the company raised the salaries twice, and VMMP staff was awarded bonuses for 10 months straight. The biggest achievement, according to Storchak, was that for three months now, the plant stopped sending its products to the warehouse, but sold it, after they were piling up at the warehouse for two years.
VMMP played a significant role also to the budgets. “In 2015, taking into account the profit generated by the plant, we paid UAH 38 mn to the local budget, in 2016 – UAH 48 mn, and over 6 months of this year we have already paid UAH 28 mn. Therefore, we are increasing our tax payments. As a state enterprise, we not only pay state taxes, but we also have a special tax - part of the net profit is paid to the national budget - and this amount exceeds UAH 0.5 bn,” said Storchak. According to him, for this amount it is possible, for example, to repair 100 km of roads or modernize 20 tanks of the Bulat level. "We have something to be proud of - we are making a significant contribution to the economy and the military power of the state,” the director concluded.
Be that as it may, the highly professional team of the plant remains its main asset. “There is always a long-term, hard daily work of thousands of employees behind all our successes and achievements,” said Storchak. “Therefore, I want to express my gratitude to each of you who is honestly doing their part in the common cause.” He wished prosperity, family happiness, good health, peace and harmony.
After reading the order about the inclusion of the best workers of the enterprise in the Honor Book of the plant, the director of the VMMP branch awarded the certificates to five employees: Volodymyr Bezpalchuk, Serhiy Vasylenko, Valentyna Kotolova, Tetyana Matyazh, Oleksandr Yadamenko.
Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Tetyana Kiselyova congratulated the audience with a professional holiday. She focused on the fact that over the past year, the company has improved the quality of management, corporatized in the shortest possible time than it was possible for other companies from the public sector. The company is awaiting privatization. “What can and should privatization give to the residents of our city and the employees of the company? Firstly, attract a qualified foreign investor, who will be able to unite the two teams. Secondly, it is the investments in production, improvement of the social package, harmonization with the European production standards,” she said.
She presented the certificates and bonuses from the management company to the employees of VMMP: Olena Yavtushenko, Oleh Hram, Andriy Kryvorot, Yuriy Hladchenko, Serhiy Hudachenko. Andriy Storchak, Oleksandr Prokopenko, Pavlo Fedyushyn, Ivan Honchar, Ihor Bilan, Volodymyr Klymovych, Vitaliy Chumak, Serhiy Shuryha, Mykola Khomenko received commendations of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. Andriy Shulhan, Anatoliy Synytsya and Valeriy Romanov received gratitude notes of the Premier of Ukraine.
Assistants of MPs Yuriy Bereza and Oleh Kryshyn also passed on congratulations from the stage. Valentyn Zhyvaha, Ihor Mazniy, Vitaliy Perekhrest, Yevhen Salo and Andriy Hluzdan were awarded VR’s certificates of merits.
Congratulations were also received from the management of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration and Dnepropetrovsk Oblast Council by Advisor to the First Deputy Head of the Oblast State Administration Viktor Fedoranych, Advisor to the Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council Artem Fedoranych. Honorary Diplomas of the Oblast Council were awarded to Alina Levchenko and Oleh Zhuravel, diploma of the oblast council – Oleksandr Zadko and Serhiy Mirchun.
Colleagues from Irshansk also joined the festivities. Artem Pletenko and Andriy Slobozhan congratulated their colleagues with the professional holiday in a friendly manger and read the letter from the Director of IMPP Victor Sivchenko and on behalf of the IMPP team presented a picture made of amber.
Secretary of Vilnohirsk oblast trade union committee Vasyl joined the numerous congratulations. He, along with the chairman of the VMMP trade union committee Fedir Klymenko awarded honorary diplomas to the trade union of the company.
Secretary of Vilnohirsk City Council Volodymyr Smirnov congratulated the industry workers and read a congratulatory letter from Mayor Volodymyr Vasylenko and awarded gratitude notes of the mayor to Tetyana Vynokurova, Natalia Karabut, Eduard Mukhin, Hryhoriy Sokhov, Natalia Sklyarenko, as well as the mayor’s certificates of merits to Mykola Basyk, Oksana Butenko, Stanyslav Dvurechenskiy, Yuriy Kharchenko and Oleksandr Yadamenko.
Those present at the celebration were congratulated and blessed by the priests of Vilnohirsk.
Of course, the children received the warmest applause. The children cited poems about the company, triggering sincere emotions in the hall and a storm of enthusiastic applause.
An impromptu quintet of Deputy Director of the branch on financial issue Svitlana Kovalenko, Deputy Director of the Legal, Corporate and Property Issues Olha Lyskovska, Deputy Director for General Issues Natalia Hahloyeva, Chief Accountant Iryna Radchenko and  Natalia Gagloyeva, chief accountant of the branch Irina Radchenko, and director of Metalurh Palace Olena Skrypnyk, who performed a Ukrainian folk song Tsvite Teren came as a truly unexpected surprise for the audience.
Expressive and powerful performances of creative groups of Metalurh – model dancing groups Radist and Perlynka and singers Oleh Yaroshenko, Darya Bosenko and Alla Fabrikantova continued the celebration.
Then, the celebration moved to the square in front of the Palace, where Khrystyna Okhytva performed. Enchanting, sparkling and expressive performance by symphonic rock orchestra BREVIS has caused extraordinary emotions of Vilnohirsk residents. Live performance of world hits won the audience over from the first notes. Grateful listeners responded with loud applause and cheers after each composition. Captured by the virtuoso performance, the audience did not want to let the orchestra go, asking them to perform encore over and over. OT VINTA band picked up the concert relay. The celebration ended with a performance of a DJ with a light show.