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VMMP to manufacture a new type of product
VMMP to manufacture a new type of product


New Multotec equipment, earlier used in the production process at IMPP was installed in June at VMMP subsidiary. This allowed the company to launch the production of a new type of product – wet quartz sand BC-30, informed Chief Engineering of the Processing Department at VMMP Oleksiy Ryabinin.
- How did the idea of shifting the module appear?
In June last year, a meeting took place at IMPP with participation of VMMP representatives, including Chief Engineer Oleksandr Prokopenko, Chief Processor Andriy Kolesnyk, chief engineer of the processing department Oleksiy Ryabinin. Together with the management of UMCC and IMPP a decision was made on the internal shifting of the module of Multotec roll separators for the production of a new type of products – wet quartz sand BC-30, used in the glass industry for the production of plate glass and container glassware. This product had the humidity level at up to 7%.
The company performed design and introduction to the technological chain at the processing department. Assembly and repair department assembled the platform and power lines.
“On June 20, 2017, the mounting and assembly work was completed and on June 21 we did the first test run of the new unit. Then, until June 29, full comprehensive testing of the unit together with the specialists of the R&D laboratory of the Central Laboratory, the specialists of the technical department and the plant’s control and adjustment group to determine the volume and quality parameters of this unit was performed,” tells Ryabinin.
- Will the product be in demand?
 - I believe we will find potential buyers rather quickly. At the moment, we produce dry sand BC-30, which is expensive, as drying in furnaces with the use of gas is applied in their production.
 - What would be the output of wet sand thanks to this module?
 - Our production volume is up to 50,000 t of molding sand per month. If the project is successful in terms of production and sales, we can increase the output of wet BC-30 to 8,000 t a month with formation of 20,000 t reserve in the winter period, as the use of water in this technology does not allow us to work in winter.
 - Is this product used only in glass industry?
 - No only. The range of use of wet sand BC-30 is quite wide – it can be used as molding sand and sand for construction.
 - What were the expenses for implementation of this project?
 - We did most of the work using our department specialists. Factually, the expenses were only for 5.5 t of rolled metal and for the assembly of the maintenance platforms, and of course the Multotec separator itself. Also the resources of the processing department were partially used.