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VMMP to purchase new Multotec separators
VMMP to purchase new Multotec separators


The investments into the project will be close to UAH 3 mn. The equipment will help increase the plant's output.
Processing department of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant continues its modernization. In the near future, a new project will be implemented at the disintegration site. Specifically, the company plans to purchase new separators. Chief Engineering of the Processing Department at VMMP Oleksiy Ryabinin informed that Multotec, the world's leading manufacturer of processing equipment, won the tender for the supply of the separators.
The project is to introduce a unit for the post-treatment of the tails of the cone separators into the existing technology of the processing plant. «This technical solution will allow us to further increase the recovery of useful elements in the disintegration sector due to more efficient operation of the spiral separators that we plan to install. The actual degree of recovery of useful elements of this type of separators is 25% higher than for the cone separators involved in our technology. We have already completed the design work – we have the required designs for the installation of separators. Negotiations are under way for the assembly of the separators, that is, our specialists will perform the installation work under the supervision of Multotec specialists," says Ryabinin.
This is a rather small pilot project, envisaging processing of 100 t of tails of the cone separators per hour. The total volume of tails at the disintegration site is about 1,000 t during the first order. After the assembly and launch of this unit, its efficiency will be evaluated for operation in the first order, second order and mixed mode operation. The economy needs to be calculated, as the quality indicators of the content of useful elements in ore that comes in the first and second order are different. For example, in the first order, the content of the heavy component could amount to 7%, second order – 3%, and according the tails will differ, so the operation mode must also be different. “The best option, we believe, is to work in a mixed mode with both orders with the selection of the averaged by quality tails and their additional ‘re-purification’ at this level,” says VMMP’s chief engineer.
            Implementation of this product will provide an understanding of the efficiency of use of spiral separators for processing at further processing of mature tails. The theoretical base that we have now tells us that introduction of these separators will be extremely effective for production, but practice, sometimes, shows us different results.
Most importantly is that the company will not have to suspend operation of the processing department for the implementation of this project, which is a very important factor that helps save the company's operating assets.       
The approximate cost of the project is nearly US $100,000. Terms of delivery – 60 days after the payment.
The purchase of the new Multotec separators is not the first step to modernize processing production at the Vilnohirsk branch. The specialists of the plant completed the project on modernization of the chain of transportation of the collective concentrate from the 8th furnace of the refining section. The company's specialists installed a pneumo-launder to the main auger, which, which creates an additional reserve of capacity on the site and allows saving up to UAH 290,000 per year.
The branch also completed the project of dust and gas trap systems. Previously trapped dust and gas mixtures passed a two-stage purification and returned to the collective concentrate in a wet form. Today, the dust collected in dry form is returned back to the separation. Thanks to this technical solution, VMMP annually saves about UAH 300,000.
The project for the installation of two elevators at the processing department is still under way. “We will complete this project after we receive the required cable and wire products. As of today, we are still waiting for the delivery of 7 products. The mechanical part is completed; we checked it in manual mode. All we need is one day of mounting the electrical part and then we can work. This solution will allow us to move away from the use of the crane beam at the grinding site, increase the volume of loading into the mills, and, most importantly, shorten the time for loading the mills by almost three times. After the implementation of the project, the milling machine operator will be able to spend more time controlling the quality parameters, rather than loading the mills. "We took the elevators from the micronization site, which is currently idle, moved them to the grinding site and adapted for loading kyanite-zircon product,” says Ryabinin.
This is one of three stages of a complete modernization of the grinding site. The next stage is the installation of another Donaldson cartridge filter for kyanite production. The final stage will increase output volumes through the introduction of an additional compressor and another Donaldson filter. All design work for these stages is complete. The tender documentation for the purchase of a compressor and cartridge filter has already been submitted.
PJSC UMCC management greatly values the measures for modernization of the processing department of VMMP. “Implementation of these stages of modernization of the grinding site will help the branch not to waste time and save money, as the operation of the site will not be suspended for the period of cartridge installation,” comments Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Hladushko. He believes the investments into this part of the production process are economically expedient, as they will allow to increase output and reduce costs for the energy resources, particularly since the energy prices continue to increase and take up a large share in the production cost of VMMP products, comments Hladushko.