"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC to invest nearly UAH 36 mn into replacement of pipelines at VMMP

UMCC to invest nearly UAH 36 mn into replacement of pipelines at VMMP
UMCC to invest nearly UAH 36 mn into replacement of pipelines at VMMP


In October, Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant completed the work on replacement of nearly 2 km of exhausted pulp pumps for the total amount of UAH 5.2 mn, informed Chief Engineer of the Processing Division of the subsidiary Oleksiy Ryabinin.
In particular, metal pipes were replaced with polyethylene pipes at the site of molding sands production and in the hydrotransport section of the procession division. The length of the replaced sections of hydrotransport is 1 km, at molding sands production – around 750 m.
“This is the first upgrade of hydrotransport at our plant of such scale and we are very happy with this investment,” tells Ryabinin.
Replacement of pipes in these areas was extremely necessary due to the exhaustion of the pulp pipe and its frequent bursts. The fact is that the walls of metal pipes wear down by approximately 2-3 mm per year during the transportation of sand, which requires constant repairs, turning of pipes, raising them, and the like. Such works require emergency stopping of hydrotransport lines.
If the processing plant at the time of the emergency repair of the pipe used up the ore supplied by the hydrotransport, the whole technological cycle is suspended. That, in turn, causes losses in the output and affects fulfillment of the production plan. That is why PJSC UMCC decided to finance an upgrade of this strategic part of the production process.
The decision will help substantially save the funds that are currently spent on purchasing the materials for the repairs and will reorient the workforce of the Repair and Maintenance Division at other parts of the production. The freed metal pipes will be used at the section of tails for the current repairs.
“We hope that such important part of production, as hydrotransport, will operate more effectively after the upgrade and the company will save a lot of funds on repairs, as pipe replacement will not only reduce the number of repairs, but will also decrease the emergency idle time. This, in turn, will lead to a more stable operation of the processing production in general,” says Ryabinin.
The company plans to further upgrade hydrotransport at the subsidiary in Vilnohirsk. “We estimate the investments into this at UAH 36 mn. They will allow to nearly completely, where it is necessary, replace metal pipes with polyethylene ones with a much longer lifecycle. Pulp pipes with the total length of 12 km at all areas of the subsidiary are subject to replacement,” says Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Hladushko.
Without the aforementioned investments, the plan risks down time of the processing production in the future, he says.
Hydrotransport upgrade is an integral part of the plan on gradual upgrade of fixed assets of the company, which are technically outdated and require substantial costs for their maintenance in working condition.
“Hydrotransport replacement is not the first event on reconstruction of the production and it is not the last one,” assures Hladushko.