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United Mining and Chemical Company is training its own specialists at VMMP
United Mining and Chemical Company is training its own specialists at VMMP


The training will reduce the risk of shortage of valuable staff at the production and save company's funds for distance learning
So far, 73 employees of VMMP, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, have taken the course training at the company and in the end of March, a new group of ‘students’ for professional technical training has been selected.
Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of PJSC UMCC, explains the company's initiative to become a 'teacher' of its own staff by the fact that the production of the subsidiary is quite specific and its technical upgrade is currently under way. “Taking into account the risks of labor migration of the staff the industrial sector of the country has been recently suffering from, we decided not to wait until we experience the shortage of specialists, but take counteractive measures to ensure stable operation of the key links of production,” added Gladushko.
The company obtained the possibility to train and re-train practically any employee in January this year, after the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued a license for educational activities in vocational education for nine classes of professions to PJSC UMCC.
From now on, the staff development department of Vilnohirsk subsidiary will be able to simultaneously train groups of students in nine occupations, 20 people per group, without involving other training centers and without spending money on training the employees. In addition, the subsidiary will be able to save money. For example, the cost of training of one sling operation within the plant is UAH 128.25. The cost of training such a student at a training center will be about UAH 500 per course. The difference in the cost of the training has already saved the company UAH 30,000.
In the future, every employee of the company willing to improve their qualification, get an adjacent qualification or learn a new profession in order to change the area of his occupation, has an opportunity to do this at the expense of the employer, PJSC UMCC, and while on the job, which is very convenient, first of all, to the employees.
Not only the employees of the subsidiary, but also all residents of Vilnohirsk and other populated areas as well as employees of other companies under preliminary contracts, can receive training in working professions at VMMP. “This will certainly allow us to expand the number of required qualified personnel, attract a wider audience of people to the training,” says Natalya Gagloyeva, Deputy Director for General Issues at VMMP.
And, some good news for the trainers. The plant attracted 80 specialists of the company who had completed the psychological and pedagogical minimum as trainers, that is, in addition to being professionals in their activities, they have the right to formally share their experience with the others. The company will allocate nearly half a million hryvnia this year to pay masters for their educational activity.
Based on the results of the training, the students of the courses are given state-recognized documents – certificates of training or further training. And in order for the students to comfortably learn new professions and improve their professional level, in October last year the company began repairing the building of the educational plant. Therefore, we hope that the training will be of use and pleasure to all participants of the process.