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Usage: for building materials, products, constructions and works.
CAS number: 7631-86-9 
Formula: SiOz
State standards of Ukraine B V.2.7-32-95
Harmonize Commodity Code 2505100000

Chemical analysis
SiO2 min 50 or 70 98-99
Fineness Modulus, max Not rated 1,0-1,3
Slime & clay particles 5 < 0,3
Specific activity of the natural radionuclides, kBq/ kg Not rated < 0,01
Moisture, max Not rated (usually 0,5 according to the contract)    od

Physical description and properties:

Appearance: White dry free running sand.
Grain shape: spherical, good rolled.
Grain color: colorless, white.
Sieve Aperture (microns) Cumulative retained, %
+ 315 25 max
+ 160 90 max
- 160 3 max
Refractory: 1645 -1770 °С
Specific Gravity: 2650 kg/m3
Bulk density: 1500 kg/m3
Grain size: бЗ-бООmkm
Specific surface, max: 10m2/ kg 
Flashing point: Nonflammable
Solubility in Water: Insoluble
Angle of friction: 33°
Hardness: 7
Minerals Contents, %
Quartz: 99
Rutile: < 0,05
Zircon: < 0,05
Ilmenite: < 0,05
Kyanite: <0,1
Clay: <0,5

Storage: at unequipped spaces.
Terms of storage unlimited.

End use: Natural close sand for building materials, products, construction and works is used assmall concrete and cement aggregates. For production of silicate concrete, bricks and other moulded articles.

  • Bulk in cement hopper;
  • Soft containers (big bag) 1 t net.

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