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ERShR-1600 stripping complex back in operation
ERShR-1600 stripping complex back in operation


In the beginning of August, ERShR-1600 stripping complex with an excavator was put back into operation. It was shut down on June 19 for a lengthy repair due to a breakdown. Now, two technological complexes are involved in fulfilling plans for stripping.
Down time of such important equipment as the stripping complex, which is on the front line in the technological model of the production at Vilnohirsk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, results in high costs every day. Therefore, the required repairs were performed as quickly as possible. The down time was also productively used to carry out other repairs of this equipment.
 The emergency shutdown of ERShR-1600 was caused by the failure of the bearing of the rotor shaft No. 971 / 710. It was necessary to replace the bearing, said the mechanic of the mining site Andriy Streltsov. “At the installation site, we had the required spare part in stock, as it was purchased in advance for more than UAH 100,000. So we were able to start the work on its replacement,” he said.
According to Streltsov, all repairs, except for disassembly of cotters used to attach the bearing to the rotor wheel, were carried out by the crew of ERShR-1600, who were assisted by locksmiths. Also, the department of the chief mechanic of the mining and transport division came to the rescue. In addition to replacement of the bearing, other, equally important, works were carried out, said the mechanic of the mining site. Two NRD-500 pumps were replaced, almost all gearboxes, drums, rollers, metal structures were replaced, welding operations were performed on the rotor and the base, and more.
For over a month, the other stripping complex TK-1 carried the double load, but starting from August 1, TK-2 complex was put back into operation and now the mining and transport division works in its regular mode on fulfillment of the plan.