"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | New Shantui grader arrives at Irshansk subsidiary

New Shantui grader arrives at Irshansk subsidiary
New Shantui grader arrives at Irshansk subsidiary


PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company continues to upgrade fixed assets of its subsidiaries. This time, the company purchased a new Shantui SG-16 grader, manufactured in 2018 for Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant. The investment amounted to UAH 2.650 mn (VAT included). At the moment, the vehicle is going through the break-in period at the transport division of the subsidiary.
The new grader has a powerful diesel engine (160 hp), shift hydraulic transmission, best turning radius – 7,800 mm. The vehicle has a grader and bulldozer blade with a 90-degree sweep angle. The driver's cabin is equipped with a heating and air conditioning system.
“The new special vehicle is much more effective and economical than a similar, but outdated model used at the subsidiary. That is why we expect continuous performance of all required production tasks from it,” commented Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
The special vehicle works in the transport division of IMPP and will be used for repairing old roads and construction of new ones at the open-pit mines of the plant. “We are happy with this new vehicle and are very grateful to the main office of the company for consistent renovation of our car pool. The new vehicle will increase the coefficient of output of machinery on the production line. Of course, we hope that with the arrival of the new transport unit, the subsidiary will spend less money on repairs, and the tasks assigned to our unit will be performed promptly and efficiently,” says Vitaliy Andriychuk, Chief of Transport Division at IMPP.
At the moment, there are two old graders – DZ-180 and DZ-98, working at the plant, he said. “We planned to gradually remove the DZ-180 from the transportation plan due to deterioration and poor performance,” Andriychuk said. Thus, we can confidently say that the company updates its graders in advance in order to prevent the shortage of this equipment in the work in the open-pit mines.
At this stage of production development, the two units of special machinery will be enough to ensure timely repair and construction of roads at the open-pit mines of Irshansk subsidiary, believes Andriychuk.
Shantui SG-16 grader is the 14th transport unit acquired in 2017-2018 on the balance of IMPP. The total amount of investment into transport at IMPP is now UAH 13.550 million.
The company plans to also purchase a new Hitachi loader and two track-type SHEHWA bulldozers for the Irshansk subsidiary.