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Repairs of loading spouts completed at VMMP
Repairs of loading spouts completed at VMMP


On August 6, the processing division of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Plant, restored its operation after the Planned Maintenance Repairs (PMR) that lasted for one week.
Oleksiy Ryabinin, acting Chief Engineer of VMMP, tells that loading spouts are a reinforced concrete structure. It is the main artery of water disposal system of the plant, which transports a mixture of water and waste ore to tailings and pulp pumping stations. Around 12,000 cubic meters of final tailings go through this structure from reinforced concrete every hour. Without them the factory would not be able to operate. That is why the company has given a lot of attention and substantial financing to the repair – about USD 4 million, according to the latest data on the repairs of loading spouts.
“Financing of repairs of this scale is a necessity that helps prevent unwanted breakdowns and interruptions at the production. Investments into the repairs of loading spouts saved the subsidiary from forecast losses. So, it was a good managerial decision,” comments Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
The purpose of the repairs was to prevent erosion of the walls of the loading spouts. For this, a layer of composite materials was applied to their surface and the entire structure was reinforced. “In the process of long-term use, this part of the loading spouts was destroyed,” tells Dmytro Sotnyk, Deputy Chief of the Processing Division. According to him, it was gradually repaired starting from the tail, that is, repairmen were moving towards the factory. And at the end of July, the factory was stopped for the repair of the last segment – from switching chamber No.2 to switching chamber No.1. “This section of the loading spouts was in an emergency condition and was carefully monitored. At the moment it is restored, there is no danger of its destruction,” said Sotnyk.
Repairs of the loading spouts require a complete shutdown of the technological process of the entire processing production. Therefore, during the period of the repairs of the loading spouts, other work was done in order not to waste time. At the gravitation section, settling sumps were repaired, the platforms, and the pipeline was replaced. At the hydrotransport section, the section of the pulp flow, the locking valves, the return valves were replaced. In addition to repairing the loading spouts, an important and time-consuming repair of the floating pumping station No. 1 was performed at the tailings section.
The brigades of the Repair and Maintenance Division replaced the metal part of the loading spouts with the length of about 70 meters. The repairs were so substantial that all repair brigades of the plant were involved in them.
Since the factory did not work during this repair, the mining and transport division only performed stripping of the rocks.
“At the moment, restoration of loading spouts has been completed, the plant operates in its regular mode and is trying to catch up with the planned indicators of main concentrates output,” says Ryabinin.