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Shehwa raises blade at Irshansk Plant
Shehwa raises blade at Irshansk Plant


PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company has acquired a new track bulldozer Shehwa for its subsidiary Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant under the plan of updating its fixed assets. The bulldozer will be used at the open pit mine No. 9. The next new vehicle – another bulldozer – will arrive at the open pit mine No. 7.
SHEHWA TY165-3 bulldozer is the 15th transport unit acquired by the company in accordance with the plans for 2017-2018, tells Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC. With this the Shehwa, the investments into special machinery of IMPP reached UAH 16.1 million, according to him. This is the most substantial renewal of assets at IMPP in the past 20 years.
The price of Shekhwa is UAH 2.528 million, VAT included. This expensive and powerful unit was entrusted to Mykhailo Stretovych and Serhiy Petrenko. These are honest and responsible employees. The combination of experience and youth of these skilled workers will yield a positive result, the plant’s management believes. “The bulldozers that have been used at the open pit mines for 30-40 years cannot be repaired; they are outdated, and their maintenance is costly. Therefore, updating the transport pool with new vehicles is an extremely important link in increasing productivity of the plant,” says Mykola Vasyanovych, Chief Engineer at the Irshansk subsidiary.
The new bulldozer has a wide range of application in various industries, including mining. “We will use Shehwa bulldozer in planning of the areas for the operation of the walking excavator, planning and maintenance of hydro-technical structures, preparing pipeline routes and other important work,” Andriy Vozihnuy, Chief of Open pit mine No. 9 shares the plans.
Shehwa bulldozer has many positive characteristics. It is highly reliable and easy to operate. Yuriy Yushchenko, Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer of the plant, about the ergonomics of the new vehicle: “Significant improvement in the conditions of difficult labor bulldozer operators is an important factor. Judge for yourself: hexagonal cabin, comfortable controls, noise insulation and vibration reduction. And what’s important - the bulldozer’s cabin is equipped with a heater and air-conditioner.” And so, Shehwa bulldozer operators are raising the blade of the new vehicle and start performing the production tasks.
By the end of the year, Irshansk plant is expecting another track bulldozer SHEHWA and a new Hitachi loader from the company.
Background info
Weichai engine: diesel, 6-cylinder, liquid cooled, direct injection. Nominal capacity 131 kWatt (178 hp). Rated revolutions 1,850 rpm. Speed 10.5 km/h. Bulldozer dimensions (length×width×height) 5447 х 3297 х 3260mm. Operating weight 17,630 kg. Blade width 3,297 mm. Traction prism (productivity) 5.0 m/cub. Maximum blade depth 420 mm. Maximum lift height 1,100 mm.
Oleksandr Holyachenko