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Thankful to the company for the holiday
Thankful to the company for the holiday


This year, young residents of Irshansk, children of employees, trade union members of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of OJSC UMCC, have again spent their holidays at the Horyzont sports and recreation center for children (summer camp), which is located in the town of Horyshni Plavni, Poltava Oblast.
The cost of the package to the camp per one child was UAH 6,804. The plant paid 90% and the subsidiary's trade union and the parents covered the traveling expenses. In total, 36 children aged 8-14 spent 21 days, from August 8 until August 28, at the center.
 “Partnership between Irshansk MPP and Poltava MPP in the area of health improvement of our children began five years ago. We like material and technical base of Horyzont. It meets all social standards of providing services for health improvement and recreation of children,” says Mykola Volokhov, Chairman of the plant’s trade union. He thanked Tamara Savshak, Svitlana Mozharovska, Svitlana Kovalenko and Iryna Korzun, who accompanied the children to their summer holiday, for care.
Tamara Savshak, Chief of Economic and Planning Department of IMPP, was the head of the group. She said Irshansk residents are always welcome at Horyshni Plavni. “Our kids are welcome there, because they are active, disciplined and positive. Let me just put it this way – the camp loves the kids and the kids love the camp. The living conditions are good, almost by European standards. The food is of good quality and diverse with five meals a day. Children were offered both physical and intellectual activities. That is why, the parents, are also happy,” she says.
The life at the recreation center was interesting and diverse. Here, every child had an opportunity to test their abilities in amateur performances, sports, creative activities.
Active recreation also implied close connection to the surrounding nature and environment and also provided for personal needs in creative self-realization and substantial leisure.
The camp helped all children discover their talents, helped them learn how to build relations with their peers, become more independent, expand their horizons, toughen up and experience new emotions. And, most importantly, improve their health, the parents believe.
The result of the successful holiday were the tears of joy, happiness and good mood during the meeting of children with their parents back in Irshansk. “My daughter Anastasia went to the recreation center. She has been at that camp three times already. She absolutely loved it – she found new friends and learned a lot of interesting things. Dima Kharlamov from Top Model show visited them. Nastia was thrilled to tell us about entertainment at the aqua park, where they went,” shares Iryna Zavadska, a mother of the 8th grader.
“My daughter Yelizaveta Shymanska, a student of the 9th grade, had never been to such places before. Thanks to the subsidiary and the trade union of the plant, she had the opportunity this year. She really loved the holiday: meeting new people, making new friends, many positive emotions. When we met at Irshansk, she not only cried the tears of happiness, but also said she wanted to go again to Horyzont,” says Mariya Biloshytska.
“My grandson Nikita Demyanchuk went to the summer camp. He goes to the 4th grade. He came back from holiday very satisfied.
This was his first time being so long without the parents. But he got many positive emotions and said that next year he wants to go again,» said Antonina Demyanchuk.
A well-spent summer is a guarantee of good health, high working capacity and great mood. These are the principles observed at PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, which allocates a solid amount of money every year for health improvement and recreation of its employees and members of their families.