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Projector for the Knowledge Day
Projector for the Knowledge Day


Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, presented a projector and sporting equipment to the Irshansk School for better mastering of the school program
Production of IMPP needs upgrading and the school students, children of the subsidiary’s employees, want to learn and master school material better. Understanding the need in modernization coincided in the plant and the school on September 3, Knowledge Day, which was held at the learning institution in Irshansk.
The management of the subsidiary represented by Director Viktor Sivchenko came to school with presents. This year, the learning institution received a modern multimedia projector ACER P1250 from the company. The subsidiary also gave the school sporting equipment (balls for different games and table tennis rackets).
The modern projection unit will facilitate the educational process at the school, the plant's representatives believe. The projector works with computers, laptops, video recorders, DVD players, TVs, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, mobile phones, video cameras. It creates a high-quality image on the screen. Thus, for the modern school ACER P1250 is an extremely necessary and useful thing.
 “The classical phrase – Children are our future – remains relevant in our difficult time. We, the production workers, together with the teaching staff believe it is our duty to provide school students with quality education. That is why Irshansk School must be provided with new technical equipment,” commented Viktor Sivchenko, Director of Irshansk MPP.
 The school’s director Valentyna Zabrodska noted that the new Ukrainian school demands new approaches to the educational process and Irshansk subsidiary is ready to help. After all, use of projection and interactive equipment is a very important part of the educational process.  “The projector at the school will not only make the difficult work of the teachers easier, but will also improve perception of the material by the students,” believes Valentyna Zabrodska. She believes the use of the multimedia projectors will make lessons more interesting, mobile and elaborate. She thanked the subsidiary and the company for care and valuable gift.