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Rainbow Festival welcomes friends again
Rainbow Festival welcomes friends again


On September 14, Irshansk hosted Rainbow 2018 (Raiduha) Festival, the traditional 15th oblast creative art event for children with limited functional abilities.
This year, the organizers of the charity event were Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, Department of Labor, Social and Family Policy of Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration, Education and Science Department of Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration, Irshansk Town Council of the Amalgamated Territorial Community, IMPP Trade Union, Irshanskiy Aktyv Public Organization.
The history of Rainbow Festival began September 2003 with the first charity festival held in Irshansk. The staff and trade union of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant were the initiators and general sponsors of the event. The idea of the festival was borrowed in the Czech Republic, where Mosty Festival is held for many decades in the town of Prerov. It has an international status and gathers thousands of people from many countries in Europe. Children from Irshansk also participated in this festival. Noteworthy, Precheza Chemical Plant has been a long-time partner of Irshansk MPP.
Only children from Volodarsk-Volynskiy and Korosten counties participated in Rainbow 2003. Several years later, Rainbow became an oblast event. In 2007, creative groups from boarding schools from nine cities and towns in Zhytomyr Oblast attended the festival. The local paper Znamya then wrote: “The festival has once again proven the indifference to the problems of children with limited abilities, and provided an opportunity for children to communicate, learn a lot of interesting things about each other, find new friends, and most importantly – it provides an opportunity to prove to children with disabilities that they are talented and gifted personalities.”
Over 200 participants from across Zhytomyr Oblast came to Rainbow 2018. They demonstrated their talents in singing, dancing, showed their handcrafted items. The festival offered many activities to the participants and guests, including Exhibition of Children's Creativity, creative panels Fairy-tale Palette, Do it yourself, Design Bureau, Board Games, Logic Games. The children could visit the volunteer Beauty Salon, Water Make-up, Make-up and Manicure; show their musical talents in Karaoke, take part in various sports competitions and enjoy pets – “our smaller brothers”.
Noteworthy, all participants of the festival received gifts and sweets from the sponsors. Thus, no child was left without attention of the organizers and volunteers of the event.
For the first time, three families from Vilnohirsk attended the festival. “We received a warm welcome. We were given very nice accommodation. We felt great attention from the volunteers and their benevolence,” says Natalia Danylko from Vilnohirsk. The mother of the festival’s participant Iryna Henetova is thrilled with Rainbow. She loved Titan Culture and Sports Palace. “Everything is very sophisticated inside, the stage is nicely decorated, the lighting is excellent, as is the sound. I was amazed by the exhibitions of works of children from different boarding schools and orphanages. We could see that the festival was well-organized. The volunteers quickly showed us all gaming and creative spaces. And, of course, we'd like to thank the organizers for the presents.”
Anya Haichenya, a participant of the festival, says: “We are very thankful that we were invited to the festival and want to come here in the future.” Vlada Tyutyunnyk loved performances of the participants and exhibition of the works of children the most. She thanked the company for such an exciting trip.
The concert of young talents became the gem of the Rainbow Festival. In it, the world of children that were gifted with health and the world of children with limited functional abilities merged into one huge artistic universe. On the Irshansk stage, the young talents showed their skills in music and choreographic art. Performances of the participants were touching to the tears. Suzirya Vocal Group from Zhytomyr Higher Vocational Boarding School had a great success. It is a regular participant of the Rainbow Festival. “The peculiarity of our group is that we bring 50-80% renewed team of performers for each Rainbow Festival. This year, Suzirya was represented by young vocal masters: Snizhana Zalyzynska, Anna Ryzhuk, Nadiya Yankova, Alyona Naumenko, Tetiana Lavrenova and Anna Hukova. I’m thankful to organizers for such a well-organized event, for the opportunity for our group to perform at the big stage and show their talents,” says the head of the group Olena Volotovska.
Also, students of Nova Borova Orphanage have been regular participants of the festival. “Our girls received many positive emotions at the festival. The children wait for the whole year to come to the Rainbow Festival. They are happy to perform on the stage of Titan Culture and Sports Palace, happy to watch the performances of the best performers and learn from then,” Valentyna Hnitetska, a teacher at the orphanage shares her impressions.
Director of IMPP, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, Viktor Sivchenko, Head of Khoroshiv County State Administration Halyna Shyrchenko, and Deputy Chairman of Khoroshiv County Council Lilia Kovalchuk welcomed the participants of the festival. “It has been 15 years. The Rainbow Festival continues; it preserved its spirit, because it is based on eternal values: love, sympathy and care. After coming to Irshansk, PJSC UMCC did not ignore this tradition; instead it provides support to the Rainbow and other creative events and good initiatives,” said Viktor Sivchenko in his welcoming speech.
Halyna Shyrchenko thanked the children for their talent: “I haven’t see children with disabilities or children with limited functional abilities at this festival. Today, we’ve seen very gifted, very talented children. If you have an ailing body, you have a healthy and very kind souls.” Lilia Kovalchuk wished health, peace and good to the participants of the festival: “Let the sun shine for you, let the sky be peaceful and let there always be your parents and you – our talented children.”
The head of Khoroshiv County State Administration awarded Viktor Sivchenko with a certificate for supporting gifted and talented children. The head of Irshanskiy Aktyv Public Organization Ruslana Prymasyuk received a certificate of appreciation for organizing the event, for charity and initiative.
Irshansk MPP, PJSC UMCC and the plant’s trade union were the main sponsors and ideologists of the festival. Fuel and Energy Company LLC (headed by Oleksandr Morozov), Zhytomyrski Lasoshchi Trade House (headed by Oleksandr Rohal), Ivan LLC (headed by Ivan Smyalkovskiy) joined the charity. Also, within the framework of preparations for the festival, a charity fundraiser The Good Starts with You was held. Over 500 people, who purchased ‘rainbows’ – postcards with the festival’s logo – participated in the fundraiser.
We thank the people who organized and made the Rainbow 2018 happen for warmth and kindness of their hearts. See you next time at the Rainbow!
Oleksandr Holyachenko