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Bulldozer operators trained at VMMP begin their work
Bulldozer operators trained at VMMP begin their work


“Finally, the demand for such important position for us – bulldozer operator – will be satisfied,” says Oleksandr Povstyanko, Chief of HR Development Department at VMMP. 11 students of the corresponding training course successfully passed the exams in September, with four of them already working at the mining and transportation unit (MTU) of the subsidiary.
Povstyanko had to do a lot to organize training for the required professions, particularly for the MTU. Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, said the company substantially updated the transport pools of its both subsidiaries, adding some imported vehicles. That is why even experienced drivers and operators require learning new skills in order to operate the new machines and vehicles.
That is why in May 2018, staff training unit of the HRDD opened training courses for bulldozer operators (mining). 21 people signed up for them. These were employees of the plan from other divisions and residents of the town who wanted to work at VMMP.
There were two stages of the training – theoretical and practical. The lectures were delivered by the specialists of the plant with high professional level and experience of working at the plant, including Dmytro Posukan, mechanic of bulldozer equipment, scrapers and motor graders at MTU, Vitaliy Lazukov, safety engineer of the traffic safety department, Volodymyr Drozd, Chief of Labor Protection Department, Oleh Volkov, Head of Civil Protection Department and Fire Safety. Vocational training instructors, including highly qualified bulldozer operators Oleksandr Kryvosheyev, Oleksandr Bohdan, Serhiy Lykholat, Andriy Davydyuk, Vasyl Khudyakov, Andriy Kroshka, Vasyl Kolchyn, Hennadiy Karpenko, Andriy Lysenko, Oleksandr Savov, Yuriy Lyshchenko, Mykola Volkov and others were also involved in the professional and practical training. General control and supervision of the training course was performed by second-category engineer Anton Boklah.
Of the 21 students, only 12 made it to the exam and 11 passed it successfully. This, however, is enough to satisfy the demand for specialists in this vacancy.
At the moment, of the employees of the plant who received the certificates of new qualification, 2 were transferred to the MTU as bulldozer operators and two more were hired from the outside based on the successful exam results.
Serhiy Maliy, one of those employed at VMMP, tells: “I wanted to work at the plant, namely at the MTU. So when I saw an announcement of the training courses in the city, I decided to apply. I passed the interview and was accepted. Of course, there were some doubts, because the profession is not an easy one, and the equipment is manufactured abroad... But the instructor of industrial training, an experienced bulldozer operator Arsen Ibavov dispelled my doubts within two shifts. With each subsequent shift, I realized that I would succeed. The result – I received the certificate and got a job. I am getting to know the team, which gave me a warm welcome. I hope to contribute to the development of the company, and especially – MTU, which gave me the opportunity to realize my potential.”
Oleksandr Povstyanko, Chief of HR Development Department at VMMP, assures that his department is prepared to accept and fulfill the requests of the structural divisions for personnel training and also supports proposals on improvement of the quality of training.