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The new all-terrain vehicle at the service of VMMP
The new all-terrain vehicle at the service of VMMP


Modern crew vehicle MAZ, purchased by PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company for its subsidiary, Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, arrived at the plant.
The all-terrain vehicle priced at UAH 2.05 million has a number of advantages over the outdated crew vehicles. “This all-terrain vehicle can transport up to 11, as well as equipment for repairs — welding machines, etc.,” says Oleksandr Prokopenko, Director of the Vilnohirsk subsidiary, describing the assets and power of the new vehicle. The new MAZ is required by repair teams to improve their mobility and get into hard-to-reach places, according to him. “In some instances, you can get to the repair site only by a bulldozer, so we really need all-terrain vehicles,” the director says.
The mobility of the new transport is its main advantage. The company expects that with the introduction of the new crew vehicle, the time for elimination of problem situations will be reduced, whether on hydrotransport or at the open pit mine. The main divisions where the new vehicle will operate include repair and mechanical unit (RMU), processing production (PP) and mining unit (MU). “More efficient delivery of emergency repair crews and the required equipment to the accident site will reduce downtime for repairs at the main divisions of the subsidiary,” commented Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
The new MAZ will replace the old GAZ-66. “GAZ has been used for the repair personnel since the day the plant was founded. The vehicles were purchased back then and they still operate at the plant. Naturally, they are outdated and break down a lot,” tells Oleksiy Nudnoy, Chief of Operations Service of the Mining and Transportation Unit (MTU).
The crew vehicle has a number of additional advantages. In particular, it is economical, as it combines the seats for passengers and the cargo compartment for tools and materials. This gives us an opportunity to reduce transportation costs, when, for instance, the repair crew travels with GAZ-66, and then the materials are delivered by a separate vehicle. The situation with MAZ is different, as the tools and materials, small cargos can be transported together with the workers. “That is why, the vehicle proves to be economical as well,” notes Nudnoy.
MAZ is an all-terrain vehicle. It has higher clearance, which is important in off-road conditions. It has a diesel engine, which is also important for our company. This provides a possibility for us
 to refuel the vehicle directly at the open pit mine. “With the old GAZ-66, there is no such possibility, because they use gasoline, and refueling at the open pit mine is only possible for vehicles with diesel engines,” says the chief of operations service the Mining and Transportation Unit (MTU).
Oleksandr Gladushko, the head of the company, says that the company is planning to purchase the second MAZ crew vehicle by the end of the year. The first vehicle will be used by the repair crews of the RMU and the second – by the mining and transportation unit.