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VMMP fully equipped with Bell dump trucks
VMMP fully equipped with Bell dump trucks


On October 24, four dump trucks of the South-African company Bell arrived at VMMP, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC. This is the last shipment of the giants for the open-pit mine work the company planned to purchase this year.
Overall, PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company purchased 10 Bell dump trucks worth nearly UAH 195 million for its subsidiary in Vilnohirsk in 2018. The vehicles have excellent technical specifications and have already proven their worth at the open-pit mine. The first vehicles arrived at VMMP in the end of April. That is why the personnel training department of the subsidiary has already trained the drivers to operate the new vehicles.
As we have already told, BELL B60E 4x4 is an articulated dump truck with the gross weight of 97,476 kg and working load of 55 t. The vehicle is universal and can be use both in ore mining and for stripping works. It has increased maneuverability and cross-country capacity due to the flexibility of the frames. The powerful Mercedes engine, modern transmission and gearbox significantly reduced fuel consumption per ton of transported rock mass. The vehicle has many advantages that have significantly improved the working conditions of the drivers: heated seats for working in the wintertime and air conditioning in the summer, cabin air cleaning system. Bell drivers were satisfied with the cars, although it took them some time to learn how to tame the 'iron horses' equipped with the latest control system.
Ivan Honchar, Deputy Chief of the Mining and Transport Division of VMMP also approves of Bell trucks. “Thanks to the financial investment of PJSC UMCC, we were able to substantially improve passenger and freight fleet of the plant,” he says. This allows the division to carry out tasks of transportation of rock mass, cargo and materials, deliver personnel to production facilities, transport crews to remote areas to eliminate emergencies, and the like.
According to VMMP, in addition to Bell dump trucks, the company also purchased other transport for the amount exceeding UAH 74 million for the Vilnohirsk subsidiary. Total investment of the company into the transport pool of VMMP amounted to nearly UAH 270 million.
“We realized investment plans for providing the subsidiary with the required special vehicles. They will help perform production plans, taking into account that Vilnohirsk will need to strip and mine more ore, as the subsidiary is currently processing nearly exhausted layers,” comments Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
Ivan Honchar believes that the new BelAZ and Bell dump trucks and also repaired and restored old vehicles for working at open-pit mines fully satisfy the needs of the production for the moment.  “At the moment, we have sufficient number of dump trucks to achieve planned indicators for transportation of the rock mass and ore sands,” he said.