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IMPP begins work on a new project
IMPP begins work on a new project


Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, is conducting engineering surveys with the objective of construction of a new processing plant and tailings facilities at the Bukynskiy section of Mezhyrichne Deposit. The project will provide an opportunity for the plant to operate for many more years.
How do you build a processing plant right? Where should you place the tailings facilities? The engineering company currently conducting geological and engineering surveys of the aforementioned section will provide answers to these and other questions regarding the new mining and processing complex that the company plans to place at the Bukynskiy section.
Mykola Vasyanovych, Chief Engineer at Irshansk MPP, informed that Bukynskiy section was included in the long-term development strategy of the plant for 2016-2020. That is why he has high hopes for the project. “At the Bukynskiy section we plan to develop a new open-pit mine and build a new processing plant. There will be tailings facilities here too. If everything goes by the plan, and the surveys yield a positive result, the plant will be able to operate at the Bukynskiy section for another 35 years,” says Vasyanovych.
In the area, where the drilling takes place now, the tailings facilities of the mining and processing complex will be placed in the future. The tailings facilities will consist of three parts, separated from each other by enclosing dams. The height of the facility will reach 12 meters. There will also be main and distribution sludge pipes. According to the plan, the building of the mobile pumping station for circulating water supply, the circulating water pipeline, water discharge facility will be built here. The new project also includes construction of drain gutters with collecting ditches and drainage pumping stations.
Field surveys at IMPP began in August 2018. In December, after completion of laboratory tests and office analysis of field observation results, the company will provide the plant with the official report and recommendations regarding the future construction, informed Tetyana Dyomina, Acting Head of Chief Geologist Service of the Irshansk subsidiary. Irshansk plant actively cooperates with intelligence engineers. “Our geological service represented by geologist Artur Vasyanovych and geodesist Mykhailo Khomyuk helps and monitors the depth of the wells and the selection of soil monoliths, which are carried out by the researchers,” says Dyomina.
Development of the open-pit mine, construction of the new processing factory and construction of the tailings facilities requires huge work and substantial capital investment. “PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company is ready for this,” assures Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC. “This project is one of the two promising areas of further development of the Irshansk subsidiary. If our expectations are confirmed, this will ensure additional work for Irshansk subsidiary and taxes for the state. This is a project that will be beneficial for the society and the state,” says Oleksandr Gladushko.
In addition to the survey, the company already made investments into testing of titanium ore samples from Bukynskiy section. In October, a shipment of 3.5 t was sent to the Australian engineering and consulting company Allied Mineral Laboratories (TZMI subdivision). The cost of the services of the company under the agreement signed in September 2018 amounted to US $128,000 (UAH 3.6 million). PJSC UMCC expects that based on the performed tests Allied Mineral Laboratories will develop the technology of titanium ore mining and production of finished products in the future.
The company is also waiting for the decision of the government on development of documentation for another project – development of new 154 ha of Mezhyrichne Deposit located in Khoroshiv and Korosten counties. PJSC UMCC plans to build the new processing factory for these plans.