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Vilnohirsk fighters win gold again!
Vilnohirsk fighters win gold again!


Vilnohirsk athletes supported by the company brought home three gold, one silver and three bronze medals from the WCFF World Championship 2018.
Tandem of Vilnohirsk kickboxers and PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company has once again proven its effectiveness! Kharkiv hosted WCFF World Championship 2018 on December 6-10. Around 1,000 athletes from 12 countries came to compete for the medals of the World Cossack Fight Championship. With support of PJSC UMCC, Vilnohirsk kickboxers brought home 6 medals!
The victories of the Vilnohirsk athletes were hard-earned, but, as the athletes say, hardships only make you stronger. This time, not only top fighters Lera Khudyakova, Denys Tolkachev, Nazar Yevtushenko and Yakiv Khoprov competed in the event, but also beginners Anton Mykhailenko and Bohdan Hofman. They all achieved incredible results.
Lera is a very disciplined, organized and target-oriented kickboxer, and though she competed in a division with 8 Kharkiv fighters, she defeated them all and claimed the gold medal. Denys is not only the fighter at the club, but also an instructor, and he fulfilled the task that was set for him and earned two gold medals. Nazar also did his best to earn his bronze medal. “There was an unfortunate situation with Anton at the championship, because during his fight against an athlete from Azerbaijan the victory was on his side, but the judge raised the hand of Azeri fighter, despite that he was in knockdown and was losing to our fighter,” says trainer Mykola Beletskiy. Yakiv had it the hardest, because he transferred to another age category of up to 15 years of age, though he only turned 13 several days ago.
The trainers is the key to success of the team and Mykola Beletskiy has proven it once again. The general results of our team are: Lera – gold (Bornya 1 — classic light-contact), silver (Bornya-2, K-1), Denys – gold (Bornya-1 – full contact, Bornya-1 – light contact), Nazar – bronze (Zabava semi-contact), Bohdan – bronze (Bornya-1, Gerts-1).
This athletic year has ended with the WCFF World Championship 2018 and the new year and preparation for new events are ahead. In three months, Sumy will host Ukraine Cup.
       PJSC UMCC is the general sponsor of the kickboxers. The company undertakes the expenses for participation of the athletes at the events, where Vilnohirsk fighters test their strength. Thanks to the support of the company, the team can compete at the Ukrainian and international events. That is why the children, the trainers and the parents are very grateful to the company.
Alla Didenko