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Studying in the refurbished classes
Studying in the refurbished classes


PJSC UMCC is refurbishing the classrooms, where the employees will receive on-the-job training.
The company pays special attention to development and professional growth of the personnel working at the production sites. PJSC UMCC began complete overhaul of the premises of the Personnel Development Department to create more comfortable conditions for the training.
Technologies and processes are continuously improved at the plants, the new equipment and machinery is purchased and installed. All this requires a new, quality level of knowledge and skills of the employees who will be using the new technologies. For this reason, training and professional development of personnel is critical.
In the beginning of 2018, Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant obtained a termless license for the educational activity in the sphere of professional and vocational education in order to train its employees on-the-job.
This is an extremely important step, as now every employee can master a profession, retrain for a new profession and improve their skills and qualification on the job, without wasting time on trips to another city and money for the trips, accommodation, food, let alone education fees.
Oleksandr Povstyanko tells that the cost of training of one employee is around UAH 200. This is much less than at any training or educational center, which allows the company save money and the employees – time and effort.
Refurbishment of several premises is in the final stage and soon, all workers who come to learn at the PDD will be able to obtain new knowledge in new, light and spacious and well-equipped classes.
A lot of people come to learn. Last year, 1,743 people took classes, of them 415 – re-training, 1,348 – improvement of skills and qualification, and in 11 months of 2018 – already over 2,000 passed the training (596 – re-training, 1,442 – improvement of qualification). When all classrooms for training courses and lectures are repaired and equipped, around 200 people at 100 classes will be able to pass the training at the Personnel Development Department.