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The first new hydrocyclones installed at IMPP
The first new hydrocyclones installed at IMPP


The new equipment will help increase extraction of ilmenite and improve performance indicators.
New batteries of hydrocyclones manufactured by Vitlus LLC were installed at the processing factory of the open-pit mine No. 9 at the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company. This completes the first stage of upgrade of fixed assets of the production equipment of the subsidiary. Investment into this equipment is planned at UAH 1.5 million.
It is expected that Vitlus hydrocyclones will improve percentage of extraction of the rough concentrate by 12% on average, which will help produce 12,000 t more products at the stage of primary processing, according to experts of the subsidiary.
Why upgrade?
The processing plant of the open-pit mine No. 9 at IMPP was commissioned in the middle of 2005. Back then spiral separators of the 1980s SG-1500 and SG-1000 were used for the factory. “This type of equipment has low processing efficiency,” says Mykola Vasyanovych, Chief Engineer of the plant. At the stage of project development of the factory, it was believed that the specifications of ilmenite at the open-pit mine No. 9 did not differ from ilmenite of the open-pit mines No. 7 and No. 8, which operate within the same deposit, he said.
However, exploration and industrial exploitation of the site showed that ilmenite of the open-pit mine No. 9 has significant differences. It has a fairly high content of TiO2. At this open-pit mine, it reaches the level of 60-65% (at the open-pit mine No. 7 and No. 8 – 54-57% respectively).
This reduces the density of ilmenite and complicates the gravitational separation. In addition, a significant amount of ilmenite (up to 40%) is attributed to small size classes (less than 140 microns), and is harder to process. “The above facts negatively affect the overall level of extraction of ilmenite at the processing factory of the open-pit mine No. 9 and result in significant (within 30%) losses of ilmenite,” adds the chief engineer of the subsidiary.
That is why, taking into account the long term of use of the open-pit mine No. 9 (until 2027-2028), it has become necessary to perform reconstruction of the processing technology in order to reduce the losses of ilmenite. The batteries of the hydrocyclones and new separators that have already been ordered by the company will help deal with this issue.
Division of construction and assembly and repair and construction work led by Master Valentyn Stolyar and foreman Serhiy Bondarchuk has successfully assembled the hydrocyclone equipment at the plant. Chief of the Division Valeriy Tyapchenko thanks electric and gas welders Yevhen Kuryshev and Volodymyr Kononuchenko and installer Ihor Levchuk for professionalism and quality work.
Stage Two – new separators
Now Irshansk MPP is preparing for implementation of the second stage of upgrading the equipment at the production sites of the open-pit mines No. 9 and No. 8. Specifically, spiral separators SG-700 will be purchased and assembled at the processing sites, replacing the ineffective SG-1000 and SG-1500. Separators of the Australian company Mineral Technologies will work at the open-pit mines No. 9 and No. 8. They are worth US 700,000. Of this amount, the company already paid US $213,000. The first shipment of this equipment that will help increase extraction of useful elements to 90% is expected in March 2019.
“Acquisition of the batteries of hydrocyclones and separators for the Irshansk subsidiary is done for the first time. Investments into upgrading the processing will have a perceptible economic effect, which is why the company is not sparing funds for implementation of such project and is gradually implementing them,” Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC, comments.
As a reminder, PJSC UMCC also ordered Cavex batteries of hydrocyclones, manufactured by a well-known industrial equipment producer Warman. Vitlus and Warman hydrocyclones will cost the company UAH 4 million.