"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC to spend over UAH 100 million on raising wages

UMCC to spend over UAH 100 million on raising wages
UMCC to spend over UAH 100 million on raising wages


PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company will increase wages at its subsidiaries this year. Starting from January 1, the pay rates and wage rates of the employees of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant and Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, subsidiaries of PJSC UMCC, will increase by 10%.
This will increase the company's expenses on payroll in 2019 by UAH 103 million. Specialists of the subsidiaries have calculated that after the increase the total payroll of the plants this year will reach nearly one billion, more specifically UAH 823.46 million.
These are rather substantial expenses for the company, notes Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC. “We understand that the year 2019 will not be an easy one for our company and we decided to support our employees, who are directly involved in the production and who are must vulnerable to the increase of prices for energy resources and overall price growth,” he explained.

PJSC UMCC has always dynamically and persistently work to increase social standards for the working professions, so that the workers could feel more protected. This has yielded results.

In 2018, general and differentiated increase of wages at the subsidiaries, performed by the management of the company, helped increase the average wage at the Irshansk subsidiary by 27.4% to UAH 8,120, at Vilnohirsk subsidiary – by 26% to UAH 8,987 compared to last year.
Having seen the labor market challenges and to avoid outflow of highly qualified professionals, the management of the company launched differentiated motivation programs for its employees in 2017-2018. Bonuses for professional skills, labor intensity and high achievements were introduced at the plants. The company actively trained and re-trained employees of the subsidiaries so that they could improve their qualification level and obtain an additional profession.
As a result of such staff policy, 301 employees of IMPP received increases of their salaries through additional allowances and bonuses in 2018. This means that nearly 20% of the plant's employees received raises, specifically, 18 workers had their professional categories improved, 116 received salary raise, 86 had their tariff range increased. Since March last year, Irshansk electric welders and gas-electric welders receive a bonus for special certification in the amount of 20% of the compensation rates.

Individual bonuses and premiums to the salary rates also proved their effectiveness at VMMP subsidiary, where nearly 700 employees received substantial raises in 2018. Specifically, from February 1, 2018, the salaries and hourly wage rates of 361 employees from the subsidiary were increased by 9% - 35%. Also last year, premiums and bonuses were established for highly qualified workers. 43 workers received salary increase for professional skills and 226 – for labor intensity.
Individual approach to providing incentives to the employees at the subsidiaries allows the company to keep the core employees of the professions that are in high demand and create competitive labor conditions for them.

The policy of general increase of compensation rates and salaries and also individual bonuses motivates employees to improve their level of qualification. This is what the company's management relies on, when approving the decision on increasing costs for raising salaries to the employees of the subsidiaries, explains Oleksandr Gladushko.