"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | Irshansk builds a pipeline that will help prevent a disaster

Irshansk builds a pipeline that will help prevent a disaster
Irshansk builds a pipeline that will help prevent a disaster


A new pipeline was built at Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant to pump excess circulating water at the open pit mines. The investment will help prevent dam bursting and consequences of this emergency situation at the production and for the population
It is always easier to prevent a disaster than to fight its consequences. Based on these considerations, the company's management approved investment for acquisition of 4.1 km of polyethylene pipes for its Irshansk subsidiary, which will connect two production open pit mines of the subsidiary, informed Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP. The expenses for the pipeline amounted to nearly UAH 5 million.
Due to increased floods in recent years, the mining capacities of IMPP have been running the risk of dam bursting and flooding during the period, when the snow melts. In the event of such emergency, not only the production of the subsidiary, but also residents of Irshansk may suffer.
To prevent this from happening, the company decided to invest funds into building a new pipeline that will pump excess of circulating water and reduce the load on the dam. In January, the workers of Construction and Assembly and Repair and Construction Unit of Irshansk MPP completed construction and assembly of the water diversion pipeline from the open pit mine No. 9 to open pit mine No. 7. Now, excess circulating water will travel via the new pipeline from the open pit mine No. 9 to open pit mine No. 7.
The main objective of the work is to prevent emergencies that could lead to destruction of dams, their closures and prevent wastewater from getting into the natural environment. As practice shows, the expenses for the projects aimed at preventing emergencies are much lower than the possible damage that may be caused by them. The management of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company agrees.
 “Investment into the pipeline is a preventative measure. It will increase the value of the subsidiary’s assets and save on future repairs of the pipelines,” comments Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
There is a monitoring system at the plant that monitors the water level in the drainage pits of the open pit mines. Responsible employees record observations in special tables of the approved format on a daily basis. At the morning meetings, an analysis of the research system is performed and the decision is made on whether it is necessary to add or drain certain volumes of water. In case of emergency situations, the plans for the elimination and localization of emergency situations and accidents are developed. The personnel of the open pit mine acts in accordance with such plans. “At the production facilities of the subsidiary, we also predict scenarios for the occurrence and development of a possible emergency situation, formation of an immediate threat of disruption of the technological process and occurrence of an accident,” tells Volodymyr Shvets, deputy chief engineer for environmental protection and hydraulic structures at IMPP. According to the proposed measures, a system for regulating circulating water is being built between open pit   mine No. 7, open pit mine No. 8 and open pit mine No. 9. This allows to control and adjust levels and volumes of water at these sites quicker and at a minimal cost.
“Our unit built the pipeline in accordance with the production plant. The pipeline is made of plastic pipes, 12 meters in length and 315 mm in diameter each,” tells Valeriy Tyapchenko, Chief of Construction and Assembly and Repair and Construction Unit. First
First, bulldozer operator Andriy Tkachuk made a route for the new pipeline on Caterpillar and then pipe-layers, gas-electric welders and installation personnel began their work. Foreman Viktor Ananchenko was in charge of the construction. The plant’s management thanks the workers of the unit for timely and quality work on the construction and assembly of the new pipeline.